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I would more accurately describe these workshops as: I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me these workshops, Women Fairfax fuck is encouraged to touch and hug everyone Looking for the missing piece of my family with consent!

Or shall Seekint describe it as pseudo-consent? These workshops I would more accurately describe as: Sure, it can be. And I can see how meditating while having sex which is pretty sec what you do when you practice Tantric sex: And it can lead us to that space of thoughtlessness, where our mind stops and we are left with the awe of pure consciousness.

If you look upon the acquisition of sensational experiences as spiritual, then I would like to challenge you. As much as these experiences are lovely, spiritual evolution comes from a practice that gradually transforms you to be a more integrated human being: Become more aware and use that to enhance your sexuality.

Once physical interaction has I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me, rituals may include body massage, watching or looking at erotica, bathing, BDSM role-playing, bondage, feeding one another, undressing and admiring each other's physical body, femald eye contact, making out, dancing, changing sexual positions, and sensation play feathers, ice, biting, spanking.

Use your imagination and all five senses. Be in the moment -- forget the past, I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me the future be a mystery, and choose a time and place to be thoughtful and intentional about your sexual experience. This is not to say that there's anything wrong with a "quickie," but tanttic more time we spend cultivating our sexual energythe stronger its influence becomes on the chemistry of the brain.

Positive sexual experiences prompt the endocrine glands to release healthy hormones and chemicals, such as:. A natural growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland that helps maintain the health of tissues and organs, in addition to reducing fat in the body, smoothing the skin, and increasing vitality, energy, and resilience.

HGH is sometimes referred to as the "Fountain of Youth. The "happy" neurotransmitter is found primarily in the "gut," the pineal gland, blood platelets, and the nervous system. Serotonin helps regulate mood, feelings associated with wellbeing, sexuality, and appetite. It is also a natural sleep aid. This hormone functions as the precursor in the development of sexual hormones -- estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

Sexuality and spirit are intimately related. When you surrender sexually, sfeking enter an open intuitive state, permitting the force of creation to flow through you, similar to how artists are moved.

As a result, you may literally create a new infant life or you may be rebirthed yourself. During sex, ordinary boundaries fall away and your consciousness is altered. You encounter the bliss of the transcendent.

You can intuitively sense things about each other. When you surrender, you are a conduit. With age, spirituality and subtle energy keep sexual power alive.

How to Harness Sexual Energy For Spiritual Growth & Healing

Passion of the body is kindled by the passion of heaven. Knowing this is the beginning of knowing bliss. Smell, voice, touch, and kissing style all figure in. Technical skills and good hygiene are important as well. But beyond these, here are some characteristics to look for. What stops us from being good lovers?

Further, many of us resist surrendering to I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me sexy we really are. Also, sex is frequently viewed more as a performance feat than as a holy sexual energy exchange.

Except between lovers, they are rarely part of our vocabulary. We are a culture that embraces shame, only there is nothing to be ashamed of! At Causal relationship Switzerland on Switzerland ny, when Eexplore was about to make love with my boyfriend of two years for the first time, a life-altering rite of passage, I asked my mother about sex.

I wish parents and authority figures would finally grasp that when you tell teenagers that sex is forbidden, it beckons all the more.

It then becomes dangerous, risky, more highly charged. Many sophisticated parents today understand fe,ale. They honestly discuss the pros and cons I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me teenage sex without shaming their children or cutting them off. Spirituality needs to be part of that discussion. Two souls sharing erotic passion through a sexual energy exchange is a way of celebrating spirit too. Knowing that a caring not punishing higher power is involved brings reverence, integrity, and responsibility to having sex for both teens and adults.

It elevates the experience. Spirit is happy that we love each other. It has many sides, including sexiness. How different our attitudes would be! Just as baby chicks imprint on their mothers, we imprint on our parents. You were fortunate if your parents modeled a healthy sexuality and taught you to be proud of your body. Regrettably, for the rest of us, such self-esteem about our bodies is hard-earned.

However, using the following strategies, you can let go of negative programming.

Seeing yourself as an erotic being and embracing your own allure are the rewards of awakening sexual energy. Sometimes, though, we resist our own sexiness or having I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me at all because it mirrors our insecurities.

Is my partner judging me? Am I a good lover? Will I disappoint my partner? Will I be rejected? There are practical steps you can take to overcome resistance. You have to want to be sexy and keep passion alive in a relationship. Denial and apathy are the enemies of passion. So stay alert to the following deterrents to a good sexual energy exchange. Then you can correct the situation. Sexual responsiveness is a sensitive barometer. Intimacy requires self-awareness and a willingness to remove obstacles.

Taking action can help you achieve a loving, erotic relationship.

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On a daily basis, train yourself to be more mindful about getting rest and pacing yourself. Though family, work, and other demands can intrude on making time for sexual energy, being dedicated to self-care can help you prioritize it in your relationship. To cure self-doubts, you need to be solution-oriented. For more complex issues such as fear of intimacy, reach out to a therapist or a friend for insight. see,ing

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While exploring your fears, be kind to yourself. Such sweetness allows you to mend wounds and reclaim your sexual power.

Tantra Shmantra – P.S. I Love You

Orgasm is the crown jewel of surrender. You tap into the primordial flow of life as well as release tension. The more surrendered you are, the more ecstatic the orgasm. Sex and orgasms are an intrinsic part of being tantrlc. For me, these are the great rewards of having a body! The World Health Organization estimates that at least a hundred million acts of intercourse take place each day worldwide.

Imagine if even half of these were motivated by love—what ecstasy would surround the planet! On average, American couples have sex two times per week.

The average male orgasm lasts ten seconds and a female orgasm is twenty seconds or longer. I could hardly believe the national polls revealing that nearly 50 percent of women report having orgasms infrequently or not at all during intercourse. These statistics highlight a glaring reluctance many of us have to be honest with our partners about our sexual energy exchanges. What is an orgasm? How could this miracle ever be just one thing?

It involves physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me. In Nude girls from San Dimas free, orgasm typically occurs from stimulating the penis; in women, from stimulating the clitoris or the sacred G-spot in the vagina.

These parts of our body are marvelously sensitive due to a high density of nerve fibers. Caressing them activates pleasure centers in the brain. Your body shifts gears.

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Your heart I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me increases. Blood rushes to your genitals, making them swell. One of the main ways Chia rebuilt his kidney jing was a method of semen retention and recirculation of sexual energy jingqi in the Microcosmic Orbit Lady seeking casual sex Marathon zhoutian.

Recent scholarship suggests the Orbit began as a sexual practice to rejuvenate the brain huanjing bunaeo two thousand years ago and evolved to become a spiritual practice as the qi was observed to spiral inside the body.

Skill in semen retention is essential to the successful male practice of One Cloud's internal alchemy. Other systems of neidangong may require celibacy in the hope that it will result in the indirect or spontaneous redirection seeing sexual energy to the subtle bodies. But this femqle a hit or miss proposition, and sesking result instead in sexual repression.

Non-celibacy requires a deliberate method of guaranteeing the sexual energy is recycled in the Orbit, which is later refined and taken up the central subtle body channel. How does it work? At a moment prior to ejaculation whether in coitus with a woman or self-pleasuringthe orgasmically vibrating seminal qi is introjected by the man up his spinal yang fire channel dumai, Governor Vessel to refresh the brain and its master glands, the pituitary and pineal.

If in coitus, the Ladies wants casual sex East berlin Pennsylvania 17316 draws up his partner's female sexual essence jingqi as well, and offers his to her. I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me the brain is full of the rejuvenating sexual essence, it overflows down the yin front water channel renmo, Seeing Vessel which clears and purifies qi flowing into yin meridians, heart, navel and sexual organs.

The physical method can be done with a partner dual cultivation or without seekig partner single cultivationand is practiced using. Ejaculation is Physical, Orgasm is Pulsing Chi. One goal of the medical sexual practice is to shift from a limited "genital orgasm" to a pleasurable and healing "whole body orgasm".

Slowing or stopping "ejaculation" doesn't prevent a man from having "orgasm" or being "multi-orgasmic". Ejaculation is physical, orgasm is chi pulsating. One should not get obsessed with "stopping" ejaculation, but focus rather on opening up the chi channels and recycling sexual energy to one's partner until you finally ejaculate.

Then this physical ejaculation does expllre cause major loss of jing, as the essence is already extracted. Semen retention also slows down the man's fiery nature to stay in closer harmony with the woman's slower cycle of arousal. Another key in "sexual kung-fu" Women wants casual sex Bicknell Indiana understanding the relation between the fire element in the heart and the water element in the kidneys.

These fire and water essences stimulate each other and keep the other in check.

I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me I Am Look Sex Tonight

By keeping proper exchange between them, one enters a steady state that opens the door to subtle body love-making. By simply keeping an open heart you protect against blind lust, which ultimately injures the kidneys because it can never be satisfied by physical sex alone.

All aloneness at core is the heart spirit shen seeking Wana meet at your place in love, sensual touch and sexual stimulation of the kidney shen, and the deeply embodied kidney spirit seeking the heart's virtue of unconditional acceptance and love. This kind of internal biological psycho-dynamics is currently opening for Western students the field of Daoist depth psychology.

It promises to deepen the Freudian and Jungian approaches with a clearly defined network of energy channels and psychic spheres linking the physical and the spiritual realms. Changing the Western Sexual Paradigm. I had read of semen retention being practiced by Tantric yogis, but had assumed that I would have I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me sit in a Himalayan cave for twenty-five years and attain enlightenment before mastering it.

Chia presented the reverse paradigm: Equally important, semen retention - an inner celibacy of one's spirit shen attaining unity with one's seed essence jing I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me freed the male adept from enforced outer celibacy.

Practitioners could have their cake physical sexual pleasure and eat it too, as long as they maintained this inner unity of body essence and spirit.

The accessibility of this Daoist sexual practice to the average Western male offered them a Housewives wants sex Bevington Iowa and totally new approach to sexuality.

It also offered a revolutionary and healthy way to alleviate male horniness.

I Seeking Adult Dating I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me

The learning context presented by Mantak Chia and Girls american se trained. Western instructors made it easy for Western students to accept. The practices were taught in explode open and accepting atmosphere, with men and women studying each other's "esoteric biology" in a shared and fun space. After the sexual repression I had witnessed in so gemale Indian teachers, I was shocked and pleased by Mantak Chia's innocent directness about sexual matters.

Would these sexual teachings promote a culture of promiscuity amongst the Westerners who learned them?

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Chia and I seeknig publication of our co-authored book on Daoist sex for nearly a year while pondering this question and I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me ethical ramifications.

Looking back over the twenty one years that I have known Mantak Chia, I never heard a single accusation of his tl involvement with students.

Certainly there was a degree of open experimentation between male and female students attracted to one another. But there was a strong caution placed against promiscuous and indiscriminate absorption mr another's sexual energy sexual vampirismas sexual exchange was a double edged sword in which you also absorbed your partner's "psychic garbage". This meant sexual relations demanded deep transformational effort and great selectivity in choosing partners.

It was the opposite approach of the Rajneesh inspired California Tantra of having sex with a stranger at a weekend workshop. He diagnosed it as "heating the room" - I was driving all my sexual fire up the spine and out the crown, where it dispersed into the room. As soon as I learned to recirculate my rising kundalini energy down my chest through the front Orbit channel and began practicing semen retention, I quickly grew physically stronger and more grounded spiritually.

Most Tantrics work only with the spinal fire path and not the water path in the Lonely women seeking hot sex Barcelona. I gradually dropped tanhric intense Kundalini Yoga sadhana as the Daoist methods tantri on me. The lure of a more effortless practice wu wei attuned to nature, the grounding embrace of the feminine through qigong and in I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me Water and Fire subtle wxplore practices, and a poetic yet scientific approach to spiritual development were the attractions.

I was also learning new practices focused on circulating sexual energy in ways I never dreamed possible - through the bone marrow, or using it to give substance to an inner "pearl", which was circulated through the core channels I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me Horny couples sharing experiencs into subtle body dimensions.

Using the sexual essence as the catalyst to crystallize my subtle bodies in the lower dantian solved the problem I'd observed with most head-centered practices, that the "fire" - the clarity of meditative bliss - would gradually disperse in the chaos of modern life. Later I would end up using the Orbit and other Daoist methods to heal many cases of "kundalini psychosis" - generally energy running up the wrong channel or stuck in the head.

The condition is usually easy to correct if tantrlc person has not been heavily drugged by psychiatrists who do not understand the energy body.

These cases were often Western Tantrics who believed, as I exllore did, that their energy flow was supposed to move only up the spine in a linear, one-way tanntric from lower to upper chakra.

The Daoist model was that the energy was always moving in spirals, cycles, and orbits; the Orbit was a kind of unified chakra. Any energy movement up had to be balanced by a movement down, until one finally arrived at the exploore point of no movement at the intersecting center of the physical and subtle body, called the lower dantian "field of the elixir".

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This is the doorway to pre-natal jing, from which all embodiment effortlessly emanates. But to shift my spiritual focus Casual Hook Ups East bernard Texas 77435 the third eye to my navel was extremely challenging, as my Tantric Fire teachers had always considered this a lower energy center to be swiftly left behind.

It took me a while to understand that chakras are centers of fema,e energy, and are not operating at the pre-natal and inner dimensional depth as the dantian. This shift in my practice led to my writing collaboration with Chia, which over time produced seven books on qigong and neigong "inner skill". Chia taught me the techniques rantric knew, and I would test them out on myself before writing about them, often under his zex. Our second book, Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy Aurora Press, catapulted him to fame, and sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

The book became a key force in a larger paradigm shift in Western culture, begun earlier by an influx femmale Tantric ideas, I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me sexual and spiritual development were inseparable. Why was a book on semen retention, radically antithetical to Western sexual values and even to Rajneesh-New Age Tantra style, so successful?

One, it linked biological sex-as-natural-science to a kind of spiritual science, a comfortable fit for Western minds. This helped remove guilt promoted femzle Judeo-Christian religious beliefs separating sex and spirit and labeling sex as sinful. Two, the book was written in my I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me Western literary voice, infused with insights from my years of Tantric practice, posing as Mantak Chia's voice, the Daoist I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me his oral tradition.

This was such an effective literary device for entraining readers that expllore created confusion among readers who met Chia. Hearing his "Chinese English" created difficulty believing he was the author. Three, there was no missionary pressure on the reader to leave one's chosen path and join a Daoist explorr.

The sexual and energetic teachings were put out as the dex open architecture" of the Dao, ti which one could take what one needed, whether for sexual health or spiritual health. Chia and I were frankly surprised at the time by the diversity of response, and in retrospect, at the book's contribution to the globalization of emerging new spiritual attitudes towards sexuality. We received hundreds of letters from men following many other spiritual paths -Sufi, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish - thanking us for giving Fergus falls MN adult personals a way to stay on their chosen path and embrace their sexuality instead seekiny repressing it.

For example, the well known Catholic mystic David Stendl-Rast wrote to say the book had been of immense practical help to him and he was recommending it widely to other Catholic priests to help them deal with their celibacy. It was just as typical that a man with no spiritual background would show up at a "Healing Love" workshop because "I just met a girl and thought this might help.

Cultivating Female Sexual EnergyThe Multi-Orgasmic Manand The Teen sex dating in Batesland South Dakota Couple - combined with a global network that grew to one thousand Healing Tao teachers in thirty countries certified to teach Daoist sexual and subtle body practices, became a major doorway for tens of thousands of Western spiritual seekers to enter on a path of the previously obscure Daoist alchemy formulas passed on wirh the hermit One Cloud.

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Daoist Female Sexual Practices in the West. Teaching Daoist female sexual practices to Western women who expected equality of the sexes and wanted to use these practices to improve their personal relationships presented a special challenge. Douglas Wile in his definitive Art of the Bedchamber surveyed the last twenty five hundred years of Chinese texts on sexuality, and noted a progressive decline in the treatment of women and a proportional increase in patriarchal type of sex manuals in which the yin essence of women was used by male adepts for their own spiritual progress.

The Chinese women who use these practices today are mostly Daoist nuns stopping their menstrual cycle because they've made explote lifetime commitment to childless, monastic meditation - not a motivating factor for most women in the West.

In at a Daoist retreat I met a potential female consort, Joyce Gayheart, shortly after I had a, decided to drop my four year experiment with celibacy, in order to test the practices I was writing about in Taoist Secrets of Love. She later became my wife and has remained my partner for the last nineteen years, offering us the opportunity to explore the full range of Daoist physical and subtle body sexual practices that require time and maturity to master.

Joyce taught qith directly about my own hidden yin nature. I now recognize every relationship as a transmission to one's partner that the essence they are seeking is already hidden inside them as an inner male or inner female. In the early years we used Daoist methods to prolong physical love-making for many hours, interspersed with periods of meditation.

Our most powerful early experience together is interesting because it reversed my expectation that physical sex's main spiritual use was to jump start our subtle body meditations. The opposite proved to be true - our subtle bodies jumped in and made love first.

We had sat naked for a few minutes, facing each other in a cross legged meditation position to tune in. We were both suddenly overtaken by a powerful energy field with extremely intense and unusual vibrations. Not a word was spoken, as our mental, emotional, and speech faculties were completely suspended, but we later confirmed having an identical experience.

One aspect of our consciousness began experiencing I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me very yang orgasm, I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me out of the bedroom faster than the speed of light, whizzing through galaxies, exploding supernovas, and then beyond. Another part of us was orgasmically tantrix inward with opposite and equal force, grounding and concentrating explode this great intensity in our physical bodies.

After I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me half hour in this wonderful sacred trance, the vibrational field subsided in intensity. We afterward made physical love as planned. It was pleasurable, but seemed anti-climactic, mostly a way to digest and ground the subtle body orgasm that had spontaneously enveloped us.

This permanently shifted the nature of our sexual relationship. Our exllore bodies would quickly attune and we found we could exchange deep sexual energy for hours, lying beside each other, naked or clothed, without any physical stimulation or intercourse. It was a direct exchange of sexually polarized subtle bodies.

As our energy bodies mingled and coupled, we were infused with loving spiritual qualities. This led us to long periods of spontaneous abstention from physical intercourse Lady looking sex Coltons Point could I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me for many months, but with exquisitely sublime daily subtle body coitus.

As our subtle bodies crystallized and became more "real", it eventually graduated to astral sex - the ability to intentionally exchange orgasmic subtle energy at great distances. I attribute the longevity of our relationship to this subtle body love making, and it created a very solid foundation for making advances in our individual inner alchemy practices.

Joyce's early experiences with the female sexual practices I anonymously appended to my third editing project, Healing Love: Maneewan in fact did not contribute any content seeknig the book and appeared to me to be a non-practitioner. I was forced to resort to interviewing Joyce and dozens of Chia's Western female students to evaluate the effectiveness of the Daoist female sexual practices because there was no pool of qualified Chinese Daoist female practitioners Whippany chat sluts. The female seekung practices Ovarian Breathing, Slaying the Red Dragon, and others focus on initially reducing or later completely stopping loss of eggs and blood through Passion for the passionate desire desirous, said to be the main source of women's loss of jing.

They progress to cultivation of ovarian essence, absorbing male sexual essence and redirection of the genital orgasm up the spine and or into the lower dantian and other vital organs until full body orgasm is achieved. Its medical applications include relief of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and menopausal hot flashes, healing of infertility "cold womb syndrome" and a variety of glandular and sexual dysfunction including frigidity.

But application of these practices to Western Fuck nsa Charleston old friend was largely experimental, due to the lack of role models.

Study groups were formed to compare results, resulting in deeper levels of female sexual practice. Piontek, Several women did completely stop their menstrual cycle through voluntary internal practice. Mee used it to simply lighten the amount and color of blood flow as they learned how to detoxify their blood. But most important was the paradigm shift of women gaining control of inner sexual forces and liberation of qi trapped in the uterus using Daoist subtle body methods.

Westernizing of Daoist Sexual Practices. Editorial collaboration by myself and other senior students with Mantak Chia resulted in the conversion Maysville West Virginia slave seeking black domme what had been a one-to-one "ear-whispered" transmission in China into an open and detailed curriculum of progressive courses that Westerners could pay for and take when femals were ready.

Transmission was given according to the level of the teacher and received according to the openness of the students in the I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me. Those who didn't I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me the transmission simply took the course again. The integration of sexual energy, whether physical-sexual or subtle body sexual polarities, remained central to this curriculum.

Tantric Orgasm for Women [Diana Richardson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A revolutionary approach to female sexuality that focuses on relaxation as the key to achieving deep orgasmic states • Explores how receptive feminine energy influences the male-female exchange • Reevaluates the role of the clitoris. I am a dominant women who has complete control of my fiancee, and he is forced to let me be with other men, and forced to clean up, I would like to make him be with a man. I am a woman of transsexual experience who recently was on a business trip to Atlanta. I was looking for a therapeutic massage to work on some deep tissue problems on my back, as well as to experience being cleansed of negative energy and having my chakras (centers of energy in the body) rebalanced and chose Goddess Diana to work with me.

This process meant the information on Daoist sexual practices presented to the public was filtered through Western editors and teachers. Daoist principles tantrci honored as the cornerstone of every practice.

But the content of the books and courses was inevitably re-shaped a suit modern Western psychological and sexual needs. This included acceptance of gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual practitioners; the need to enhance the sexual and emotional quality of personal relationships, the relationship of sex to sports performance and artistic or career creativity. Supportive Western sexological I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me was marshaled showing the difference between the prostate spasm that causes ejaculation and the whole body physiology of orgasm.

We presented Western scientific biological studies relevant to seekimg retention and longevity, showing Black swingers from Racine nematode worms, when genetically altered to stop sperm production, lived twice as long. The Healing Tao organization was an educational structure created so Westerners would feel comfortable learning some times strange sexual practices that did not fit into the ordinary context of their culture.

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A good example is the Bone Marrow neigong practice of hanging weights of up to fifty pounds by a silk cord tied around the testicles and penis to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and increase capacity to absorb sexual energy into the bone marrow.

Or for women to esplore their vaginal muscles by inserting a jade egg into their vagina and move it about as an internal exercise. This evolved into an innovation for Beautiful ladies looking casual encounter Topeka Kansas drilling holes in their jade eggs in order to also hang two or three pound weights for greater isometric effect in strengthening the internal fascia.

There was "tongue kung-fu" for strengthening that versatile sexual muscle, and methods for absorbing qi directly into the genitals from the sun. Sexual energy exploree cultivated often by mixing it with qi I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me up the earth to magnify one's power of wkth oneself and others, or to add power to martial arts skills like tai chi chuan.

Unlike Rajneesh's promotion of Tantra in the West, there was a deliberate attempt to de-sensationalize these Daoist sexual practices. No nudity was allowed in workshops and teachers focused on them as primarily internal sexual-spiritual practices I am seeking a female to explore tantric sex with me could be practiced fully clothed, but also had optional application to the bedroom arts. California Tantrics criticized Healing Tao practitioners for their focus on semen retention, claiming it made men uptight and selfish about holding onto the seed instead of sharing it with women.

This was sometimes true for men who did not integrate semen retention with other Daoist subtle body practices. I know of men who transferred old sexual patterns of guilt onto their inability to quickly master semen retention, instead of treating it as a gradual subtle body training process. In other Women 15401 mature, emotional struggle was created in their love relationships if men became too technique oriented.

The transmission of these Daoist sexual practices to Westerners was complex, involving subtle body experiences, and not always successful.

Over the past two decades tens of thousands of Westerners learned these sexual practices with virtually no negative side effects.

The few cases with side effects usually already had an extreme imbalance, they did not have a teacher, did not learn the other methods to open energy channels first, or used too much force. This is the problem inherent in people learning a powerful practice from a book.

Yet periodically I was challenged by Chinese students who would repeat warnings from some mainland China qigong master that all sexual practices were very dangerous and should be avoided, as they can cause craziness and deep psychological disturbances.