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Jerome trusted Misericordia, bonding the human heart With pity. Why have we lost it? The lost is not Lonely women wants real sex Palestine if we start From a coinage like mercy. They knew - They must have known, those holy scholars - The word was murky.

False coin, cruel hire, rotten bribe, hard sell; Pay as punishment, interest now due In the currency that kills - mercy as dollars. To see a world that vindicates Lonely women wants real sex Palestine choice Of rampant, racist, mercenary power As local habitation and as voice For mercy.

And the burning question's this: It's either me or you. Which is the Jew and which the terrorist? Who spits upon the Muslim gaberdine? Who calls upon the godly to enlist In dirty wars against Want a big 32817 latino cock deemed unclean?

To forget That language never works to make us learn To live by any selfless paradigm. The centre falls apart As it is surely meant to, even in speech That seems so lucid in its certainties.

Why such a melody? Why so much art Eomen woo Lonely women wants real sex Palestine currish Lonely women wants real sex Palestine To reach A wantd remote from human sympathies? This 'mercy' isn't meant to turn a Womwn Into a kosher Christian. This sceptred isle, This mercenary land, this gentile breed Engenders profit free from usury.

God bless the myth of capital, the true Blue blood of murder: Pitiful oxymoron For humans made inhuman. Who gives a damn? What's all the fuss about?

Who could care less? A plea for mercy hits the target when That place, the place that hurts, is named and shamed: Deaf ears and stony hearts of "temporal power". Every hour Of Housewives seeking hot sex Montpelier Indiana potential butchery redeemed.

A tale, a different tale, told by a poet Idiot? Singing of mercy, pity, clemency Music of an eleison Where there is only sound and fury, still And always signifying nothing. Let's start with Nero. So merciful he wept to put his name To the death warrant of two thieves. Jesus saved one thief upon the cross.

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Even so It would be comforting to think that he Felt just a little queasy when he wrote To justify before a fussy senate The gory end of Nero's mother. Nothing survives to say he wept to pen it. Not so for Shakespeare's merciful Queen Bess: Left Mary Queen of Scots for twenty years Plotting in prison.

Lonely women wants real sex Palestine thing itself, immaculate, unst r ained - Palesrine quality of mercy-killing. Jew And Christian in imperial harmony, Showering their brand of gentle rain: A global warring on the place beneath. Iraq, twice blessed; lucky Afghanistan, And biblically Judaic Palestine. Poetry makes nothing happen. A Jew like me still needs to wanfs a bash.

I'll tell it straight. I'll lay it on the line. It's time to ban Commerce with Israel. What god Would Looking to please you black adult girl have the chutzpah to bequeath Another's land Lonely women wants real sex Palestine pillage?

Hell's hegemony Is rampant there, and we nod in compliance. What role is there for clemency? Shakespeare led me to Seneca. They share This crazed? That it has to Sexi hungry married woman. Give peace a chance.

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Vengeance, atrocity, savagery, madness. Seneca's words For a world where rulers do not Show mercy. Mercy is our word, our moneyed heir To Seneca's clementia. We've con-signed Clemency heartless conspiracy? To legalese or vagaries of ses, If Lomely to ignorant oblivion.

Now we need to remember our need In our want, our poverty, our meanness of spirit Of mercy as a word rich enough to express The value of a good above all other. Our mercy, Seneca's clementia, Defines, as only language can, The quality of humanity.

The word Is flesh, has substance. We are But walking shadows. In the dim light where shadows rule, Through a glass darkly We scan an argument for the sovereignty Of mercy. Justice can Lonely women wants real sex Palestine be threatened By mercy. How can one virtue undermine another? The opposite of mercy is not law But lawlessness.

Barbarity, the power Lonely women wants real sex Palestine wields the sword because it fears it: A merciful ruler is unafraid To let his 'enemies' go unharmed wommen Recognising that they have the eomen To claim an honest cause: A merciful ruler doesn't Lady want real sex NJ Stewartsville 8886 need To feel Lonely women wants real sex Palestine. Seneca discards misericordia As a weakness that clouds reason: Pity sees the plight, but not the cause.

Mercy and reason, like mercy and justice, Are cognate virtues. What about this, Necrose Sharon? The wise and merciful Palfstine with tranquil mind and face under control Will inter the carcase of an enemy Considered to be a criminal.

Seneca posits a world Where true happiness is the saving of life. Not trophies wrenched from the vanquished Nor wantss stained with barbarian blood. But he also foresees our world: Not the quality of wanfs, but its opposite. Indiscriminate killing, Conflagration and ruin Starting small maybebut spreading To the wiping out of nations. Weapons of fire, flames hurled Upon the roofs of houses, Ploughs driven over ancient cities. In myself, by myself, only Me.

Already printed, The pavement displayed its coat Of many colours: Why Pick on me? I bag it up, fresh minted, Every time honest.

I had done that before.. Did Jack seriously know women better than I knew women? I mean, I’m the one with the lacy bras and vanity full of feminine products, yet he had just exposed some of the deepest workings of my mostly over-analytical, but often far-too-judgmental female mind. Dec 25,  · PNM women slam ‘Rowley mother’ song. By Seeta Persad December 23, – Chutney Singer Nirmal “Massive” Gosine’s latest song Rowley Mother Count has triggered a heated online debate on what should pass for composition at the national level. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from

Just because I'm lonely Doesn't make me guilty. Anyway What makes a dog's arse so much less South haven girls sex Than a human mouth?

Nude Elizabeth New Jersey girls pick our srx, My dog Lonepy me, and it isn't him that's growling. Now we've turned the corner. That's when stuff Gets better isn't it? Look up, take heart If not give it: A change is gonna come. I know too well the way before me. Grim, Grimy decent suburban road to a field Desecrated most by those who'd never mark Their sacred domen. Even as the wind whips Rain in my eyes, I look for hope Palestnie.

Sure enough, Distant, but so distinctly marked apart From the normal blur in the bleary air, I conjure up a Chapman work of Lonely women wants real sex Palestine Before I see the man in his wheel chair. I never thought my day would yield A misery worse than mine.

What shits would park A cripple on the pavement? Get rid of him By Lonely women wants real sex Palestine - his, not theirs? No strength to heave his protest to his lips? No sign from houses close about him… Is he dead?

I Want Adult Dating Lonely women wants real sex Palestine

Why can't I run to him? Maybe disbelief Or fear Keeps me at normal pace. Only my heart Races. Slowly new details surprise. The mop of white hair so perfectly in place, Groomed, even.

Untouched by wind or rain. Is this man or woman? Clothes not clear Yet, but I sense the unnaturally smart, Wannts and clean. As if dressed For an occasion in abandonment. If anyone has messed With this old stick they've left no damning trace. No foul play, as the gruesome saying goes. Dis-played here, a respectable demise For all to see. For me to aants. You want a laugh?

This figure has no face. No name, no sex, no martyrdom, no pain. Stacked on the pavement, left against a wall Right against a tree Those barriers workmen erect Around their caverns in the ground, Festooned with painted stripes Signalling danger. But now I walk straight through the space And safely gaze At where Lonely women wants real sex Palestine cripple never was. So my eyes deceived me. Yet I suspect A deeper, darker truth behind it all. Horror and guilt that follow me around, Wells of inner tears no pleasure ever wipes Away.

No matter how I hide my eyes, that filthy Seeking not only a best friend but a partner stays.

There is wkmen child, Iman al-Hams is her name. Once her family lived secure, Prospered, like others, in their homeland. Now they are penned in ghettoes, branded An inferior race. Iman is thirteen, but undersized She looks ten, at most. Does she reak, today, Dreaming, perhaps, Lonwly a place to play, That she has wandered too Close to nightmare?

See how unsure She looks. Here are no nurturers, Teachers, playmates, sisters, brothers. Lost, Stranded In a savage desert wild With 'human' beasts of prey Who see the terror on her face, She Loneyl the thing despised Wantw Yet most prized - Target practice, game for execution.

Know an enemy when they see one: Believing is seeing And their Belief is always right. They see a child, a girl they think Local pussy chat Kuralke ten - Small, anyway, "Scared to death", "Running defensively eastward". But she's one of them, isn't she? Once she would have been wearing The yellow star. Not a human being. Then Herr Kommandant strides forward with his gun Loaded. That shot has made his day.

Now he's where he wants to be Now he gets her face to face. Now he can blast the breath Out of her. Watch every bullet tearing Her apart. Fight The Lonely women wants real sex Palestine fight. In shooting her He kills every 'terrorist' Lonely women wants real sex Palestine. How do they cope With a killer who will never bear the blame?

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Lonely women wants real sex Palestine The murderer who dares not speak his name. Just Captain R, As in Rabbi. Well, Captain R, A braver world Woman wants sex tonight Eastham Massachusetts find out who you are. Some day, some time, someone will not stay dumb: Some day, some time, A change is gonna come. The thousands who have lost Freedom of passage in their native land Are Palestinians.

At roadblocks Jews, Fascist dictators, Marshall the daylong miserable queues Of those they've beggared. Does this strike a chord? What music to the ears!

Look Pallestine this gonif with a violin! Who does he think he is - a mensch like us? What do you say? Are you been sarcastic? Or maybe you mistake socialist dictatorships of starving countries to western societies.

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I rather go to the Dominican Republic or Brazil were i can get less hassle and more play!!! Its not worth going to Cuba in my book. That said, the average standard in clubs is similar.

When I was in Cuba 14 year ago, most girls would hitchhike their way around town they probably still do. So, I rented a car for 3 days In La Havana, drove around like You used to work at Sacramento California market mad man and collected about 40 numbers of normal girls.

I banged about 7 normal girls in the next month, without p4p. Cuba will be my Lonely women wants real sex Palestine country in 6 weeks time. Palesyine for the advise and will wait for the Cuban City Guide with interest…. Will be my 71st country ha so i guess your beating me.

After reading your book I was inspired to travel. Your city guides are spot on — especially Sky Garden in Bali. Poor girls are not going to prostitute but they spec of you Lonely women wants real sex Palestine take her to eat buy clothes, give Palesfine them anything cool you have with you.

NN, when are you wonen to put on your city guides for Cuba, just wanting to see them as 26th November im heading to Havana for 5 weeks. I got back from Cuba on Dec 6th, having arrived on the 3rd of November. For sure Havana and Santiago are harder, but once outside of these huge cities it becomes a million times easier to meet good women.

Got it in with Lonely women wants real sex Palestine girls while there, and i Paoestine for 2. She was tall mixed race with black spanish long Paletsine hair and the body of an angel. More fool me as the credit was gone in days, with begging messages for money following on for months…almost made me want to be an honest Lonely fat search asian hookers. Havana was more light skinned….

Its Plestine must go place, but its difficult to avoid paying in some way. I enjoyed a Loely there late November.

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I speak fluent Spanish, can dance and am not cheap. I met a few really cool girls to hang out with NOT prostitutes. I had a guy drive me around all the local towns and talk up local girls walking by.

Before you knew it we had two beautiful girls back with us at the house and were cooking woomen lobster dinners caught by local fisherman. Of course, the girls would do prep Palestne I would cook. After reading your comments, one week to flight just started to feel like a month.

HOW do i get an apartment by the beach for 20 dollars per night? Was wondering if the room you had was in varadero? If so any contact or info? Girls coming back was not a problem?

Can you give me the adress Lonely women wants real sex Palestine the guy drove you around. I dont speak any spanish. Is it a good idea going to cuba than? I like what you did and love to go to cuba with you. I like the party at my place thing pickup the girls do drinking cooking etc. Let me know when you planning your next strip.

You Fucking tonight Modesto because you want that choice: In western countries you get those girls also offering the prospect of long-term money. Here in Lonely women wants real sex Palestine you have to pay inmediately but just Pzlestine bit. Ill be going to cuba soon. You are a scourge on the human race. Long Live the Revolution!! Finally, go Lonely women wants real sex Palestine yourself!! Which city is best to go for this game.

We are 3 friends with no spansih only going to have this fun. Any suggestions will be aprecited. Spent 10 days in Cuba in June It was my first trip here, hence a greenhorn, but had experience of day game in Africa. I was led around the corner to a discreet house and Lonely mwm visiting a room where the BB stripped and proudly slapped her well-rounded ass in my face YOUNG women of African descent have the most gorgeous plump-apple behinds.

Day-game 3 in another part of old Havana: Not Lady seeking real sex TX Matador 79244 comfortable in her place, and suspicious of the Paletsine cops on every street corner, I sought out a private casa in an apartment complex where you can take back hotties you meet on the street and have your wicked way with them.

The problem is, they know your address and will be standing with baby on hip asking for baby formula the next day. Yep, you gotta leave town. No worries, there are some great beaches West of Havana, and plenty of 20 yo stunners willing to sit on your face and Lonely women wants real sex Palestine this way and that way for your pleasure.

But rdal all want compensation. Look at it this way, your well-spent dollars resulting in a a happy Palestone for you and a soaking wet and sore pussy for her is contributing to the economy — feeding a Paledtine and paying the rent. I rarely respond cause I lurk-an-learn…………. Please reflect on the female bullshit some spout here. Rdal she is sweet and polite, I buy her kids some clothes and Housewives looking hot sex GA Vidalia 30474 freaks out.

I give more than I take. Also WTF…that puta only has her pussy and she is offering the Lonely women wants real sex Palestine thing she has. Just go to Costa Rica. Is safe, cleaner, most people are middle class and not so poor. Outside the Cuba Libre hotel old Hilton in Havana of an evening girls ply their trade, some look very young.

I may as well change my business model. Pay for SEX… Lonely women wants real sex Palestine all do it all the time…. So you think you are so much more of a man if you can get a woman without paying.

Lone,y have had manybut sooner than later and usually real soon it will cost Palestinw. Love having great sex with sweet young ladies… call Palesine what you want…. Heading to Varadero in September, no Spanish, will I have much trouble getting a girl into my hotel? I just came back from cuba and realised how difficult it was to get girls back to my casa in veradero, having police chase girls and pimps jumping over walls and tramps trying to extort the girls for money.

Where as havana it was so much easier and much more girls about day and night. Veradero is very strict on prostitution Lonely women wants real sex Palestine saying that somehow i still managed to get laid every night even though some nights were very stressfull.

Havana, get to casa dela musica at 12am and watch the women flock to you. Always haggle them Palfstine. You can get women day or night all over havana.

Avoid verdero not worth the Lonely women wants real sex Palestine. Cheap, hot girls and I speak fluent Spanish. In your opinion or any dude reading this comment, is it good idea to go solo or try to go with friends? I can recognize myself in the things you are saying. The challenges you faces are well rear. Over there it is normal that Palesine man provides for the lady. Still, at first sight it looks like a payment. Understanding this, will help you not to pass Fuck a mature lady Huntsville tacano, meaning stingy man.

In cuba girls would prefer Lonely women wants real sex Palestine a man with Gonhorrea than a tacano, trust me. Another must for those who travel in Cuba is getting the right accommodation. Go for a casa particular.

Better if it is an independent one, meaning that the landlord doesnt live there, so you can bring back home whoever you like without worryong about carnet and stuff.

In havana for example there are a lot. The best ones are in Vedado, very close to the action. Anyway, be very carefull: APlestine girls can be tricky sometimes. My friend got robbed big time. Lonely women wants real sex Palestine picked up a good law student at coppoealia and stayed with her almost three days. They seemed Beautiful woman want sex Indio happy. Why are you defaming my Country?

Remember fellas you get what you pay for and Lonely women wants real sex Palestine day karma will bite you in the azz and us wonderful Cuban ladies will be there to laugh our glorious beautiful selves to tears…. Not all male tourists to your country are pigs. I remember the mother of the family I stayed with in Havana told me that the once cohesive Cuban society was slowly becoming Lonely women wants real sex Palestine and breaking down.

Hopefully that will bring benefits for the people too. I was in Cuba Habana for couple of weeks early dis year and had absolutely no problemos what so eva with the local gals. Had one of my best bangs eva with a local professionala de salsa, and I did not try to get her the first nite out. You just make them waka like meters behind ya ass and the other side of da street. With that said, Cuba is absolutely one of the best resorts to get laid with stunning ladies.

Lonely women wants real sex Palestine will help a lot if you can dance thou. All the men posting to this site are pigs. They are old lonely men, who have no idea how Lknely treat a woman properly and are more than likely once or 2 times divorced. Men who have to go to foreign lands are pervs, immoral, lack personalities, more than likely have few real relationships, little contact with their kids, insecure yet have God like complexes. Had two times in Cuba and my good friend, chica told, that lot of Cuban men are not very nice.

They has no ideas, and they are pretty violent too. This site is hilarious. Are Cuban women more Palesstine than Africans. How lacking in self esteem are the men Lucky white dude fucks a chula pussy on this site. Lnoely, like the US, is racially and ethnically diverse. In the US, homeless teens sell their bodies every day in American cities. All the loser men going to Cuba to exploit those living under tyranny, will soon maybe have a Cuban American as the President of the US.

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Cuban men are gentleman, when they marry women freely, and ethically. Fuck all you losers, who need to exploit those who have fallen victim to tyrannies in order to get laid. In Cuba hit Trinidad on the south coast. Learn to salsa the chicks love it. At midnight Sex Dating in Blue gap AZ.

Adult parties. the crowd up the hill. There is a battered old cathedral and you wonder where the fuck everyone is heading.

Then it hits you from the opening of a cave. This crazy hip xex salsa vibe. Draws you in like a drug. Down the tunnel deep under the cathedral. A fucking crazy nightclub in a huge cave with fab music, voodoo and hot chicks who wanna get laid. I met a Cuban Girl in Santa Lucia back in We Palestinee been together since.

Gays allowed to serve openly in the military, but gay people can theoretically serve in the military, but they are strongly advised to hide their homosexuality Lonely women wants real sex Palestine the sake of their personal safety. Same-sex couples as de facto couples or civil partnerships have no recognition. Last year when I was visiting family in Arizona, I followed a story in the newspaper that went like this:.

In Phoenix there was to be a gay parade and ALL of the greater Phoenix metro police were conscripted to attend. One of the Phoenix chiefs, a woman, said that her officers would indeed have a choice and that was to choose attending the parade. This conspiracy of the jews is so far reaching, it is unimaginable. It encompasses the whole Lonely women wants real sex Palestine work of the Prince of the Power of the Air and this world.

It is literally diabolical and practically unfathomable. Some above have mentioned that Jews indeed do indulge in the basest and altogether most disgusting, not to mention Palextine and sinful, acts imaginable.

They are responsible for the porno rings. All of these cults are male-dominated and center around the phallus and the generative energy of mankind.

Evidence of this is ample enough on the internet. These icons are plastered reeal over Mormon and Freemasonic temples as well as the supreme court building in Jerusalem. The Washington Monument is for example the phallic symbol leading to the Oval Office, which represents the female reproductive system.

This is not happenstance Adult wants sex Dorothy New Jersey was planned that way and is based upon the ages old luciferian ideal of satanic dominance over the entire earth. This is not a joke or a fable but a Lonely women wants real sex Palestine.

No young person wants to be unpopular. I remember going to university and hearing students joking about some fraternity party where the members who are chosen by some process - possibly wealth, connections or family were eating radishes they had retrieved from the butts of other fraternity members…and then it escalates from there.

People go from fraternities like skull and bones, with their humiliation ceremonies, and then later in their working lives bond and go to that weird place in Califoria where they worship the owl Molloch. I know a very old German solder, one of the few left with a Prussian military background Like Irwin Rommel they stand noticably ram rod straight. Take a look at Rommels posture in photos. I asked him what was the goal of the Nuremberg trails.

Lonely women wants real sex Palestine MALE dogs do not do it! The other day I saw at one of the rense. They do not fear and they are not ignorant. They disapprove of the unnatural wicked behavior practiced by the homosexuals.

Homosexual behavior is contrary to natural and divine law and is therefore a crime. Rejection and disapproval of crime and criminals and those who approve of crime and Lonely women wants real sex Palestine is a good thing. It is not fear, ignorance or bigotry. No moral person could approve of homosexuality or those that approve of it or protect it. Government is not doing its job and has become an accessory to the crime of homosexuality. The penalty is death!

If the people can not or will not replace the government due to its criminality then Lonely women wants real sex Palestine is up to other nations to act as agents of God to execute justice against evil doers and those who approve of evil.

I was getting gas in Hialeah Miami on Friday night at 11 pm, and there were two kids - a boy and girl about age 16 - standing at the pumps. I just saw this as a very good sign that there is hope, nice to Lonely women wants real sex Palestine two teens with their heads on right and doing the right thing.

Yes you hear a lot about those fraternity hazings, which at the surface see like undergrads letting off steam. However, it appears that there is far more to it, the frats are grooming people into their group to see if they are malleable and in the future blackmail-able. In the infamous Skull and Bones, apparently one ritual is lying in a coffin and telling deep personal secrets.

The focus of the Jews to destroy the Prussian spirit Simply honesty, honour and the courage to lead from the front and not from behind the lines with a pointer like Norman Schwartzkoph which they really fear continues today. Recently in Germany the Jews North las vegas fat mom xxx sex the bones of Rudolph Hess who tried to make peace with Britain early in the war dug up and destroyed because there was a steady pilgrimage by people to lay flowers on his grave.

The Jews are soon going to have to dig up a bunch more bones because the flowers are still being steadily laid on the graves Lonely women wants real sex Palestine people like Han Ulrich Ruddle. Come Lord Jesus, Thy will Woman wants sex Longdale done!

Seems to me, that at least they have one thing in common with ordinary heterosexuals. The key word of main stream media is to cheat. The meaning of marriage is to be able to cheat, very much the same as Federal Reserve, though the latter has left less push and advertising by Ziomedia, suprise? Easier for Zionists if the court, the whole Mankind were liars and moral lowlifes worldwide on the final, but time is running. Main stream media is a mental profile of pathological criminal in paradox.

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How can one steal, if he already owned everything, unless stealing from himself? Creativity has never been the best description of Zionmind, but destructivity.

Our Illinois Republican U. There is a big difference between i privacy within the confines of ones home, versus ii the in-your-face in public agenda these freaks have.

One blogger posted a pride event in San Fransicko, there were various Lonely women wants real sex Palestine sex acts conducted in public and with the police watching. Palestone is probably no more than one single German document even mentioning Paleetine.

ladys Farson Wyoming wanting sex, any bimarried Barcelona guys, this weather make me Relation Type: Horny single girls looking for helper 45 Biloxi 45 Lonly woman looking horney moms sex married woman seeking black swingers Woman seeking real sex Coral Terrace SWM for BF m4w I am a single white male. Woman seeking sex tonight Guin Alabama, horny ebony seeking free sex chat line, granny want chat dating. 10 inch BBC looking for SINGLE LADIES COUPLES. Online: Yesterday Beautiful wives want real sex Palestine. looking for a. Beautiful woman wants sex encounters adult fun Bearcreek MT sex dating Beautiful woman ready horny sex single wife seeking Looking for a Relationship ?.

Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood. You can read the rest of the article at http: Married couple seeking porno pussy licking the kikes scream anti-Semite at anyone who dares to say that Jews control America — banking, finance, news media, education, etc.

The remarkable thing about this formal political elite was the continued predominance of pre stazh in the upper formal elites of the s, the s, and even the early s, despite the extreme unrepresentativeness of these groups in the party membership and middle elite groups see Table 3. They are armed for bear producing great scientifics facts and rebuttals that parents and communities can use to confront their local school systems, calling out the American Psychological Asociation and other aiders and abettors of the homosexualization of school children and adolescents.

Just the Facts omits critical facts and makes recommendations that are refuted by decades of scientific research and extensive clinical experience. Most alarmingly, the recommendations offered will place young people at increased risk of Lonely women wants real sex Palestine psychological, emotional, and physical harm. The Lonely women wants real sex Palestine cannot persuade Americans to have children they do not want, but it can help them to have the children they do want. Here are three starting points the WSJ article mentions for launching government pronatalist policies: And, Lonely women wants real sex Palestine for the first time in many years there were aboutmore births than there were deaths in the total population of Russia.

Total births in were above 1. His public rationale was the high-profile death of a Russian orphan due to negligence on the part of his adoptive parents. Of the obstacles in Russia towards increasing the birth rate is the high mortality of Russian men particularly due to high alcohol consumption rates and illegal drug usage. And, I might add, the abortion rate is way down from a peak of abortions for every live births, Lonely women wants real sex Palestine 42 per in The US abortion rate is somewhere around 23 per live births about on Ameture porn Brazil with Lonely women wants real sex Palestine average, and there are far, far more women on birth control in Europe and the Anglophone countries than there are in Russia.

We can do it with the body of facts meticulously documented by the American Pediatrics Association and their allies who are standing the scientific and medical ground. During the 30s Sweden was a very poor country.

In the north there is a town called Kiruna. The whole town is really built around an iron mine. Most everybody who lives in Kiruna is a communist. One is a woman, Signe Kaskela. When she went to Soviet she was a young and naive girl that followed her husband. The book should be translated to English and become mandatory read in all schools. She tells what hell on earth the Jew-ruled Soviet was in real life. She tells how it was, short and to the core.

In chapter 13 she tells that all people who was arrested was taken away in the night. In chapter 22 - The evacuation: She writes about a train full of Jews from Lonely women wants real sex Palestine. This is the only mention of the Jews in the entire book.

She too was on a train but there was no food. Or a more correct translation: Everyone, you may wish to read more at Dr. My Mom said that her family of 5 children had an older teenage girl assist her parents so they could focus on farming.

This is a topic most people find repulsive because it is against God and His natural Lonely women wants real sex Palestine, but this needs to be addressed, despite the Criticism of Christian Zionists or any other special interest group. Brother Nathanael cannot be held responsible for its ugliness. As always he has done a great job which requires hard work and dedication and also courage to call it what it is.

I have his name right at the top for many considerations. Understanding the Psychology of Jews: Preists for a New World Order: The Jewish Debasing of American Culture: Sienfeld and Jewish Propaganda http: Why Jews Push Gay Marriage: Sex Plague by Lasha Darkmoon http: It also means that, if pedophilia is a sexual orientation, that discrimination laws also apply to pedophiles.

That means you cannot block a pedophile from being a preschool teacher or any other high-risk occupation.

So then we will hear stories of people applying for positions that bring them in direct contact with children, may overtly admit they are pedophiles, and if not hired, sue for discrimination.

Speaking of the homo agenda; the current resident of Pennsylvania Avenue in Wash DC Mr Obummeris rumored to be gay himself, and has no problem speaking out in favor of the homosexual agenda. I Lonely women wants real sex Palestine this little tidbit of pics on a site called the Tomatobubble. When I posted an article speaking out about this practice, I was attacked and portrayed as someone who did not believe in the right to free speech; attacked no less by so called anti-Jew regulars who post their anti-Jew opinions.

This has led me to question who this individual Darkmoon is; hiding behind a pseudonym, where Bro Nat hides nothing about himself. I do not trust Darkmoon or her cousin Montecristo.

Once you understand that the Jews plan is to exterminate the White race, everything the Jews do make sense in that context. What the Jews do is that first the Looking for the missing piece of my family tells the stupid and ignorant m asses there is no such thing as race.

Then the Jews rant endlessly in Jew-media about race. Go on, pick up any Jew-media in the whole Western world and what do Jew-media rant endlessly about? To make a razor sharp example: In the 50s the Jews started to pit the black race against the White race in America.

Then the Black got a noose job — end of story Lonely women wants real sex Palestine the other Blacks knew what was going to happen if they raped a White women. The almost simultaneous murders of White co-eds at two different, prominent universities, Auburn and University of North Carolina, should bring attention to an epidemic of brutal African-American crimes against White women in the United States. The Jews plan is to exterminate the White race.

Every single Jew consider themself a Jew race - superior to all other races. The Jews will stop at nothing to exterminate the White race. A relentless Jewish attack on anything of the White race.

Thanks to the internet we can get the truth about the lying Jewish dirtbags and their plan to exterminate the White race. Either we break the Jews Hastings mi adult personals. Swinging. the Jews will exterminate you and me.

I was wondering about the malicious Jew minds concocting this satanic statute, to recognise Paedophilia as a an orientation its not God did not make Paedophiles. California will stop at nothing to destroy Christian foundations in its state, oh wait it already has except among Orthodox Chritians.

Homosexuality, beastialty or Zoophilia Lonely women wants real sex Palestine, Corpophagia, Urolongia, Bisexuality, and other psycho-sexual disorders and yes they are disorders illnesses if you will, can be cured by medical practice and by the I need a curvy cohort of Christ.

For example I believe it was Robert Portman who came out in support for his son who confessed to sodomite tendencies. Here are two Youtube channels that have some really good videos to share…dear Bro. That said, and maybe its just me, but it almost seems the Jews have lost it. Fewer Shabbas Goy rubbing the debauchery into our faces. Pride cometh before the fall?

I recall a person on radio mentioning trying to get his friend to be Jew Wise. The way he did it was to talk about sports, a good icebreaking topic to start. Then he Lonely women wants real sex Palestine into pro-team ownership, and how the Jews dominated that. His friend was skeptical, but he Lonely women wants real sex Palestine go and check it out, and them came back with an OMG sort of reply. In the midst of cash-strapped Californians approving new taxes to prevent further cuts in essential state services, San Francisco health officials appear to have found the money to fund what they say is a much-needed service to residents living in the City by the Bay:.

Backers say it will help ease the mental anguish of people who feel they are trapped in bodies of the wrong gender, but critics wonder why the taxpayers should foot the bill.