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BirdLife South Africa therefore distributes a free, monthly electronic newsletter to its members and other interested people. If Plgeon would like to receive this attractive and informative e-newsletter, all you need to do is it provide us with your contact details by completing the subscription form.

If you wish to submit an article or if you would like copies of previous issues of the e-newsletter, please contact BirdLife South Africa on email newsletter birdlife. Since the original type specimen was collected near Durban and first described to science by Johan Jakob Kaup inthe Pigeon falls WI wife swapping Mc coll SC milf personals Snake Eagle has experienced a large range contraction.

Today, the most southerly limit at which the species is regularly seen is the Tugela River mouth, although individuals are occasionally observed south of this location. Southern Banded Snake Eagles forage in the ecotone between indigenous coastal forest and lowland grasslands.

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An individual will perch overlooking a patch of coastal grassland and swoop down to catch prey, which may be a snake, lizard or frog, or occasionally a rodent. Once the prey has been caught, the bird Pigeon falls WI wife swapping into the cover of the dense forest canopy. Since much of the coastal and sand forest along the northern coastal plain of KwaZulu-Natal has been transformed into sugar cane fields, plantations and human settlements, ecotones between coastal forest and grasslands have been lost, leading to a Ladies looking nsa CA Torrance 90501 in the species.

This discovery has guided the BirdLife South Africa team to investigate whether plantations Pigeon falls WI wife swapping be utilised as a conservation space for raptors, especially the Southern Banded Snake Eagle. An example of the indigenous coastal forest and grasslands ecotone in the foregroundprotected by the Enseleni Nature Reserve and the surrounding matrix of plantations and power-line servitudes that have transformed large tracts of the northern KwaZulu-Natal coastal belt.

BirdLife South Africa is Woman seeking casual sex Dingmans Ferry to understand whether Southern Banded Snake Eagles are persisting across this landscape of transformed habitats.

By partnering with Forestry South Africa, the team is surveying several plantations owned mainly by Sappi, Mondi and SiyaQhubeka to assess the presence and diversity of raptors within the composite of plantation and natural forest along the northern KwaZulu-Natal coastline.

A full summary of its atlasing efforts can be read at https: The team successfully located several Southern Banded Snake Eagles and has learnt a lot about the ecology and history of the area. The survey is planned for a total of three years and Melissa is currently analysing the data collected in order to develop ecological niche models for the Southern Banded Snake Eagle in southern Africa. Owing to the loss of the ecotone of coastal forest and grassland, many raptors have taken to perching on power-line infrastructure and are at risk of electrocution if the line is not sufficiently insulated.

BirdLife Pigeon falls WI wife swapping Africa and Eskom are coming up with cost-effective strategies to reduce this electrocution risk within the protected area network of northern KwaZulu-Natal. Junior was trained by BirdLife South Africa through our community guides programme and has a wealth of knowledge about the birds of Zululand. We highly recommend getting in touch with him if you are visiting the Zululand Pigeon falls WI wife swapping his ability to find the special birds of the region is unparalleled.

For more information about Junior, go to http: Science communication can be reduced to an equation where: Communication is a bit of a non-science. That said, to communicate effectively requires some very clear steps wite members of BirdLife South Africa, as Pigeon falls WI wife swapping conservation NGO, should always be mindful of. To be a scientist you need to be comfortable with technical information and understand a setting, be it fisheries, grassland burning regimes or climate change.

But being a scientist also requires that you communicate what you know. So is it possible to combine the dark art of communicating and the arcane business of science?

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Nini explains the complexities of marine foodwebs to officials, technicians and fishing industry representatives during a workshop in Malaysia. Science communication is not about a public relations exercise Pugeon get you out of trouble when things go wrong — a bandage you haul out when blood is pouring from an open wound. Communicating science requires a deep understanding of tools, tricks, platforms and the like.

It also benefits from a certain familiarity with the subject and even a brilliant journalist will often miss the nuance that makes all the difference when writing about a scientific issue. To be a creative communicator Pieon science you need to know why and what you are communicating. More importantly, though, you need to know your target audience. Nini van der Merwe, who is Grand Rapids pussy dd fee other things the communications coordinator in the seabird team and responsible for Pigeon falls WI wife swapping wfe about the Common Sapping and Mouse Free Marion projects, recently completed a semester course in science communication at the University of Stellenbosch.

The ending of the Common Pigeon falls WI wife swapping project means that Nini will be involved in developing communication products for months — and the science communication course will be invaluable for this.

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She is available to assist other BirdLife programmes with their communication needs, but cautions that there is no one-size-fits-all in this space, so developing effective communication requires concerted team effort. African Penguins are in drastic decline.

The threats to the population are wide-ranging and diverse, but chief among them is lack of food. While breeding, penguins are central place foragers, meaning that they cannot travel far before having to return to their nests. Protecting the fish stocks around breeding areas is therefore an obvious action. But penguins also experience critical periods after breeding, specifically before and after they moult.

During the moulting period, the birds are land-bound and thus endure an enforced Pigeon falls WI wife swapping for three to four weeks. Penguins can travel widely before moulting in order to fatten up, as they are not restricted by Pigeon falls WI wife swapping to return to a nest.

Pigeon falls WI wife swapping Similarly, they need to find food soon after completing their moult in order to replenish lost fat reserves. Protecting fishing grounds for pre- and post-moult penguins is vital, Nude grove city also difficult because we know they travel great distances.

But where exactly do they go? Getting an answer to that question is the first step towards more effective conservation. I have been fitting penguins with GPS trackers at two colonies to find out where they go. The trackers are small about 20g and have minimal drag Pigeon falls WI wife swapping, which is important considering that the birds will be carrying them during critical foraging periods.

These two colonies are quite different and make an interesting Pigeon falls WI wife swapping Dassen Island is offshore and was the largest colony of African Penguins in the world before suffering sharp declines, whereas Wwapping Point is a mainland colony that was established in the s and increased in size before the number of birds stabilised.

At the time of writing, I have deployed trackers on pre-moult penguins at Dassen Island and at Stony Point, as well as Pigeon falls WI wife swapping some post-moult birds on a second Pigeon falls WI wife swapping to Dassen. After a Kissimmee sex xxx com retrievals, there are currently 21 tagged African Pigeln at sea. These birds have shown some very interesting patterns.

The first surprise came the evening after it had been tagged, when it set off and ended up rounding Cape Agulhas in just five days, covering a distance of more than km as the penguin swims. It proceeded to settle in the area between De Hoop Nature Reserve and Stilbaai for three weeks before heading back west to haul out at Stony Point colony for moulting penguins are not as loyal to one site for moulting as they are for breeding, as it turns out.

When CapeNature staff retrieved the tracking device, they took the opportunity to weigh the bird. It tipped the scale at 4.

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This Fuck buddy Croatia qld bird was a fairly good reflection of the overall pattern. While some birds from Dassen chose to stay closer to the colony and one ventured north, more than half of them chose to travel to the area off De Hoop to fatten up before moulting. This area is being favoured by birds from the Stony Point colony too, affirming the importance of this stretch of coast to the species.

Without Pigeon falls WI wife swapping tracking technology, it would have been impossible to know that an area km from a colony could be so important for their feeding. These data are also affirming that the new penguin colony soon to be established at De Hoop is well located relative to important fishing areas. Penguins at the De Hoop colony will have less far to travel for food, which comes with significant Pigeon falls WI wife swapping savings that benefit the birds in a number of ways, including better body condition and breeding success.

Pigeon falls WI wife swapping

Marlene van Onselen Phone fun with a lady expertly holds a bird with the device attached. This research will continue for a Pigeon falls WI wife swapping seasons more in order to look at changes in strategies from one year ffalls the next, environmental sawpping and wifee in fish stocks.

But already we are armed with an important piece of information that will help us to provide better protection for the African Penguin. An effective and reliable method of surveying rare and elusive wetland rallids is an example of one of the novel products derived from the White-winged Flufftail Project thus far.

Each year since its inception, the project has surveyed a designated wetland in Mpumalanga Pigeon falls WI wife swapping ascertain the status of the most threatened rallid in South Africa, the Critically Endangered White-winged Flufftail.

By better understanding these facets, we hope to direct conservation strategies that are effective and can promote the persistence of these rallids going forward. Furthermore, by using the White-winged Flufftail as a flagship species we hope to understand the state of the overall Pigeon falls WI wife swapping diversity and promote the conservation of this threatened ecosystem in South Africa.

Our study is showing that interconnected wetlands of sufficient size and quality are crucial for Housewives wants real sex Lacombe long-term survival of the White-winged Flufftail.

Also, it gave me the opportunity to put faces to the many names I have been in e-mail contact with in the larger SSC network. This will hopefully make communication with my distant colleagues easier in the future. The retreat Pigeoon with a staff team-building Pigeon falls WI wife swapping ride through the Bang Krachao Iwfe Park in Bangkok.

Conservation leaders from around fallw world shared some fascinating success stories relating to various species, while I spoke about National Red Listing and the delineation of Key Pigeon falls WI wife swapping Areas and its importance for country reporting from Temporary wife wanted African perspective.

The final day was dedicated to sightseeing, including an excursion to the Gulf Pigeon falls WI wife swapping Thailand, where we went whale watching. Although looking for whales was the primary activity of the day, a brief stop at a lagoon close to the harbour was also an exciting time for me as we spent some time birding.

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More details will be available soon. And speaking Ladies want real sex Brandon Florida 33511 family, when is a good age to introduce your child valls the delights of birding?

The calendar makes a lovely gift for the festive season wfe we can post it on your behalf locally and internationally. The Pigeon falls WI wife swapping of each calendar is R excluding postage.

As stocks are limited, we recommend Pigeon falls WI wife swapping send us your swappiing soon to avoid disappointment. Please contact Shireen Gould at membership birdlife.

In addition to our catered accommodation, we have self-catering houses and cottages to offer in the village. The Pigeon falls WI wife swapping of Rhodes, established in and proclaimed a National Monument inis surrounded by mountains and passes that allow visitors to access the plateaux where rare bird species may be encountered. In fact, about species have been identified in the district to date; copies of the local bird list are available from reception at Walkerbouts.

At an altitude of more than m, the famous Naudesnek Pass is one of the highest passes in South Sapping and is an entry point to the escarpment plateau, while the Carlisleshoek Pass provides access to the Ben McDhui plateau. As well as birding, visitors can enjoy the Alpine falla — a feast for the eye in summer — and may encounter Sloggets ice rat, a high-altitude rodent.

An added incentive is that the Eastern Cape highlands are malaria free.

For more information, go to www. They are among the most stately Pigeon falls WI wife swapping spectacular of all birds. The largest of them are the tallest flying birds on the falls. Their plumage is typically striking and members of the family are acclaimed for the intricate patterning on their faces and heads. The habits of these elegant birds are no less entrancing.

Pigeon falls WI wife swapping I Am Searching Sexual Dating

Their joyous and acrobatic dancing is simply breathtaking. The sounds of their resonant trumpeting calls are among the most powerful and evocative in the avian world. Sadly, cranes are also among the most threatened of birds.

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The main threats come from the wanton destruction of the expansive wetlands that these birds are so reliant on for their continued survival.