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Due to the heteronormative nature of the Greek system, this article focuses on the experiences of heterosexual women.

At University of the Pacific in the s, Sexy fem hunting for hookup were the girls you slept with, Delta Gammas were the girls you dated, and Tri Deltas were the girls you married, said Christy Lyons, a Delta Gamma in the class of According to Lyons, beneath an exterior of cheerful sisterhood lay a strong undercurrent of Wives looking hot sex Covelo that pervaded Greek culture but was rarely discussed in the open.

We would whisper about it, but on the face, and in front of Sexy fem hunting for hookup Oh no, we were just such sweet girls.

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Sorority women consider sex a critical component of their autonomy, explained Peyton Sherwood, a third year English huning sociology major and UCLA sorority member. Your sexuality is something to embrace and to be proud of.

She claimed hundreds of girls complied with the request, and when questioned, said they were exercising their free choice and felt their sexuality made them powerful.

But nevertheless, for them specifically, it felt like a step in the direction of their own sexual autonomy.

Jodi Sheridan, a Delta Gamma huning UCLA indescribed the definition of a strong woman in her sorority as a career woman focused on getting an education. Lyons and Sheridan both said programs or discussion surrounding consent and sexual assault Sexy fem hunting for hookup completely absent as well. That just was never part of the discussion.

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Second year political science major Laura Shearer said her UCLA sorority does a good job of providing sexual assault education and safety resources for its members. In other words, boys still run the show. Sororities had the near-constant oversight of housemothers, maids, and chefs, whereas ten steps Sexy fem hunting for hookup, fraternities were a parallel universe of young boys on the loose. These 19 and 20 year olds are living in a house by themselves.

It also speaks volumes that two UCLA sororities banned members from speaking with me regarding this article. Sherwood believes slut-shaming is indeed more likely to come from fellow women than from men.

Sexy fem hunting for hookup

She said she thinks the persistent attribution of sexual reputations to different sorority houses is largely perpetuated by evaluations among Sexy fem hunting for hookup.

Perhaps some women engage in the hypocritical practice of slut-shaming because they are faced with divergent expectations from potential male partners, Shearer added.

In a system where boys own sex, how much agency do heterosexual sorority women really have? This, Berg said, was definitely the case in the 60s and 70s.

This threat, posed by a patriarchal disdain for women with intellect, might force them to resexualize themselves and downplay their Sexy fem hunting for hookup to assert their approachability. Sororities, if they seek to serve women, must relent in their adherence to outdated standards.

This could potentially make Sxey easier for women to report cases of sexual assault committed by fraternity members.

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The road to recourse will be steep. Shearer said a process exists in which members can ask their student VP of Administration to amend a bylaw, but rarely has she seen anything more significant than cancelled meetings during exam weeks.

Sherwood added that appeals hhnting national sorority leadership are highly unlikely to be approved. Greek life, for all its flaws, has the potential to be a space where college students grow and solidify their identities with support from their peers.

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In a system that places sex in the hands of fraternities and essentially prays for the best, women can can never truly own their sexuality. Times change, and so do the things we need to talk about.

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Gabriella Kamran is a fourth year Gender Studies and Communication major. She is the Dialogue and Opinion Editor. Sex and the Sorority Girl.

Image courtesy of HerCampus. Beta Blasting and Biceps: Women in Climbing November 13,