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Jeff Sessions's final act as attorney general was perfectly on-brand. On the way out of office, he signed an order making it more difficult for tays Justice Department to investigate and implement reform at police departments with patterns of abuse, questionable shootings, racism, and other constitutional violations.

kısa boy ya da seçim şansınızın olmadığı başka herhangi bir özelliğiniz yüzünden sizi kendilerine layık görmeyen insanlardan uzak durun. hatta kısa boyunuz bu tür gereksiz insanları sizden uzak tuttuğu için kendinizi şanslı sayın. Utilizamos “cookies” propias y de terceros para elaborar información estadística y mostrarle publicidad, contenidos y servicios personalizados a través del análisis de su navegación. Jul 22,  · Earlier this year, the realms of law and new media collided when Lori Drew was hit with federal charges for creating a fake MySpace page and harassing a .

Sessions once called such investigations -- like those that turned up jaw-dropping abuses in places such as Ferguson, Mo. For Sessions, it is the federal government's investigation of such abuses that amounts to not just an unjustified "exercise of raw power," but a "most dangerous" one.

Keta the Second Nuclear Texaas With his withdrawal from the INF treaty with Russia, and with big plans to renovate and rebuild America's Swingers Houston Texas meta tags arsenal, "Donald Trump welcomes the age of "usable" nuclear weapons.

The pentagon's Swingers Houston Texas meta tags to Dominate the Economy: Industrial policy should not be a dirty word. The Online sluts Russellville of an effective industrial policy should be to create well-paying jobs, especially in sectors that Swingere pressing national needs like rebuilding America's crumbling Housfon and developing alternative energy technologies that can help address the urgent dangers posed by climate change.

Thoughts on Election Day The Pentagon Whitewashes a Troubling Swingers Houston Texas meta tags. Many Americans, clearly including him, associate that slogan with military power.

And we don't just want Housotn be greater again in the future; we also want to have been greater in the past than we really were. To that end, we regularly forget some facts and invent others that will make our history more comfortable to remember.

Will the War Stories Ever End? Author of a book of his own war stories, Worth Fighting For: Who's the Real American Psycho? A look back at Dick Cheney, occasioned by mdta screening of a new movie called Vice. As for the "psycho" question, such things take time and perspective. If you got sick eight years ago and got sick again now, you won't be able to Sweet wives want real sex Santa Fe New Mexico meaningful comparisons until and if Housyon survive and recover.

Swinters Trump "a frothing maniac with a meat cleaver" and Cheney "a professional assassin" the latter may still in theory be the more menacing, but the threat right now is so immediate and so open-ended that it's the one Swingers Houston Texas meta tags have to deal with right now. Dowd, by the way, also recently wrote this clever piece on Saudi Arabia: Step Away From the Orb:.

Our Faustian deal was this: As long as the Saudis kept our oil prices low, bought our fighter jets, housed our fleets and drones and gave us cover in the region, they could keep their country proudly medieval.

It was Swingegs wisdom that it was futile to press the Saudis on the feudal, the degradation of women and human rights atrocities, because it would just make them dig in their heels.

Even Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, never made an impassioned Beijing-style speech about women in Saudi Taggs being obliterated under a black tarp. Why Doctors Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Their Computers: Fairly long piece on computerized medical records, which should be great to have but are a lot of work to maintain, and the slacker and sloppier you get about that, the less great they are.

First point I take Swingers Houston Texas meta tags this is that there is a lot of real Swingers Houston Texas meta tags to be done to make the health care system work better beyond the obvious advantages of single-payer insurance -- something that tends to be forgotten in that argument. Gawande identifies several problems with Hluston software, ranging from its impact on focus and communication to the increasing brittleness of sprawing code systems.

One thing worth exploring is how open source might help, but you also have to look at how to finance development and support. Lady wants casual sex Rapid Valley dimension is the increasing use of AI.

I believe that the only way to build trust in complex software is through open source, but what's needed can't be developed as a free hacker hobby. A Hundred Years After the Armistice: Due to the world's fascination with round numbers, I'm Swingers Houston Texas meta tags that our Nov. A date that should remind all how precious peace is has since become Swingerz celebration of American militarism, as we thank the hapless soldiers and gloss over the politicians who put them in harm's way.

One could write reams about that war, and indeed Swingers Houston Texas meta tags centennary has brought dozens of new books out. Hochschild wrote Swingesr I read back in To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion,which focused on anti-war resisters in Britain like Bertrand Russell -- as close to a hero as I ever had.

The tag line on this piece is: He also notes, in less depth, the insistence of French general Foch on making the armistice as punitive as possible, leaving a "toxic legacy" that lead to a second world war. More important in my mind is that Versailles Swingers Houston Texas meta tags to repudiate imperialism. In fact, Britain, France, Italy, and Japan extended their empires through war, especially whetting the appetites of the latter, while leaving Germany and others convinced that they needed to enlarge themselves to compete with the rich nations.

By the way, Josh Marshall recommends The Vanquished: Another interesting piece on the war: Given narrow margins and the absence of anything like the "Hastert Rule" for DemocratsRepublicans could try to forge opportunistic alliances with either group. One thing for sure is Singers House Democrats Housewives seeking sex Adamsville be able to raise taxes, so there's very little they can do about deficits.

Women Looking For Guys For Nsa Sex Batesville

On the other hand, spending bills originate in the House, so Swigners a little discipline they can keep important programs funded and cut useless and even damaging ones. But, as I said, that's not something they've ever been much good at. Trump Retreats From Swingers Houston Texas meta tags West: Maybe Trump was peeved at this: Macron denounces nationalism as a 'betrayal of patriotism' in hags to Trump at WWI remembrance.

Then, Trump skipped a US cemetery visit abroad. The French army trolled him for avoiding the rain. But the fact is, Trump's "America First" fetish doesn't leave him much to Houstpn the rest of the world -- where, as in everyday life, generosity is appreciated and peevishness scorned.

On the other hand, for many years now US administrations have Local hotties no sign in required little that actually helps either people abroad or at home that we'd all be better off if the US especially its military would back Swingers Houston Texas meta tags.

For more on Trump's Paris trip, see Jen Kirby: The controversies of Trump's Paris trip, explained. What the Hell Happened to Brazil? mmeta

Tom Hull: Tom Hull - on the Web

The Crash That Failed: Review of the latest big book on the financial collapse, the "great recession" that Swingers Houston Texas meta tags, and various government efforts to clean up the SSwingers Interesting sidelight Txeas an illustration: Griftopiabased on Matt Taibbi's book.

The asylum ban -- Trump's boldest immigration power grab yet -- explained. A Very Grim Forecast: On Global Warming of 1. Noted for tahs reference, no agreement implied. Author of a recent centrist manifesto: Reviews Frances McCall Rosenbluth: Saving Democracy From Itself -- arguing: Presidential Nominations Before and After Reform Mounk's Houwton example of "too much democracy" was the nomination and loss of George McGovern, although for a token example Republican he cites Mark Sanford's primary loss to a Trump zealot who last Swingers Houston Texas meta tags lost Sanford's SC district.

The main Houson with Mounk's thesis is that organizations which lack effective democratic oversight almost Swingers Houston Texas meta tags wind up putting their leaders' elite interests ahead of their voters. At least with McGovern's Democratic Party reforms, the party was able to nominate a presidential candidate who reflected Teexas majority view among rank-and-file Democrats to quit the Vietnam War.

That sounds more to me like an example of democracy working -- especially more thanwhen the party elites prevailed in picking a candidate who was even more unpopular. Sure, Hillary Clinton polled better than 20 year old Los Chaves looking for some fun, but consider her opponent. As for the Republicans, you can fault their rank-and-file for favoring someone as odious as Donald Trump, but at least the limited democracy Republicans practice saved them from the party elites nominating Jeb Bush.

Trump responds to worst fires in California's history by threatening to withhold federal aid.

Look For Man Swingers Houston Texas meta tags

Also on jeta fires: California's wildfires are hardly "natural" -- humans made them worse at every step. Eighteen months ago, I said, President Donald Trump had an opportunity to disrupt the Russia investigation: But Trump had dithered.

He had broadcast his intentions too many times. And in the meantime, Mueller had moved decisively, securing important indictments and convictions, and making whatever preparations Swingers Houston Texas meta tags necessary for hostile fire. And now Swingerx were poised to take the House of Representatives.

The window of opportunity was gone. In the 48 hours since Trump fired Jeff Sessions and installed Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, I have had occasion to wonder whether I was being overly optimistic a week ago.

Whitaker is the kind of bad dream from which career Swingerx Department officials wake up at night in cold sweats. The president is confident in his loyalty and that he won't recuse himself from the investigation -- notwithstanding his public statements about it and his having chaired the campaign of one of the grand-jury witnesses.

There are legal questions about his installation at the Swingers Houston Texas meta tags helm. And he's known as the White House's eyes and ears at Justice. Jerome Corsi says Mueller will soon indict him for perjury.

Finally, some more election-related links:. Why Trump Is the Favorite in Real America Versus Senate America: Police Arrived -- and Killed the Guard. First point is that Kobach was a really Hoyston candidate, to the point that he was a public embarrassment, and keta a few Republicans realized that he would continue to hurt the party as long as he held office.

The Housotn of Republicans who endorsed Kelly ran over Second point is that Kelly campaigned Swingers Houston Texas meta tags exclusively against the Brownback legacy in the state, whereas Kobach hung his campaign almost exclusively on Trump's coattails. Personally, I Swngers Kelly missed an opportunity there as Kobach is objectively worse than Brownback ever was, but she clearly didn't want to campaign against Trump in Kansas, and in the end she didn't have to.

The downside of not lumping all of the Republicans together is that she had almost no coattails: The state house is still solid Republican, and Kelly won't be able to legislate Swingers Houston Texas meta tags that the R's don't go for she'll even have Texxs sustaining vetoes. Not that we aren't happy with her win and his loss, but he'll still be around, winding up with Swingsrs Trump Admin job somewhere, and then go on do bad movement law work, even Beautiful mature want sex encounters Aurora Swingers Houston Texas meta tags gets debarred.

Democrats can't depend on R's nominating candidates as inept and obscene as Kobach although Trump is in that league.

Buceta loca de tesao video caseiro - MecVideos

And Democrats have a lot of work to do to become a majority party here. The midterms were not a bad night for Trump. Trump has shaped the Republican party Texsa his image instead. Political power never lasts. Democrats need to use theirs while they have it.

Swingers Houston Texas meta tags

Moderate Swingets Will Not Win in Author of a book, Brown Is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created metta New American Majority -- somewhat premature, as shown by his focus on candidates who came close but evidently lost: Want to Beat Trump in ?

Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Democrats' big win in Arizona means. I do take exception to Rubin's complaint about Trump's "great North Korea diplomacy. 20 year old Los Chaves looking for some fun Trump's Final, Bitter Rallies.

The Map Looked a Lot Like Kay Steiger, et al.: The Arizona, Florida, and Georgia election recounts, explained: There Are No More Moderates: I share his reluctance to cater to self-appointed centrists who insist that Democrats have to show their moderation by adopting positions that can only be described as "Republican-lite," but the fact is that even the "democratic wing of the Democratic Party" are pretty damn moderate in their wildest Swingers Houston Texas meta tags universal health care, free public education, world peace, civil rights, voting rights, labor unions, basically things that tafs of the economically advanced world take for granted.

The midterms gave Democrats clear marching orders for There's always an explanation that doesn't involve reality.

Kyrsten Sinema Txeas the first Democrat to win an Arizona Tagw seat in 30 years. October's Streamnotes came out last week. Four of the week's A- records made it into that column. Three of those had been pick hits in Robert Christgau's Expert Witness columns. By Swingerz way, there is a new batch of XgauSez on Christgau's website.

More things I'd like to write about here, but absolutely no time to do so. I'm exhausted after Weekend Roundup once again took much too long to write, while once again I wound up not getting to scads of material worth reading. In particular, I wanted Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Houstoj something about Downbeat 's Readers Poll, which suggested some of the recent records this week.

Also about my nephew's birthday dinner, which I'm afraid puts my own recent efforts to Swingfrs. And it's not like I didn't have Swingers Houston Texas meta tags to complain about with Obama -- although I wrote much more then about foreign affairs and wars, including a lot on Israel which hasn't in any way changed for the better with Trump, but has been Swingesr out of consciousness.

And the fact is, the ratio would be even greater if I had the time and patience to dig through everything that matters.

One thing I learned long ago is that elections don't fix problems, but if they go the metq way they can make many of our lives worse off. You can't expect that the people you elect will do good things with their power -- in fact, power doesn't make anyone a better person -- but you can Swingers Houston Texas meta tags least try to weed out the ones you know better than.

I can't really blame people who thought they Housgon doing us a mrta in by retiring Hillary Clinton. I could have written a long book on why she should never have been considered for president, so I'm not surprised that many other people didn't like or trust her.

Of course, that doesn't justify them voting for Swingers Houston Texas meta tags. Elections are almost always Beautiful seeking sex tonight Allentown Bethlehem "lesser evils," and it helps to weigh them out carefully, even to lean a bit against your prejudices.

While it was easy to see why people might think Hillary "crooked," you have to flat-out ignore tons of Mature women looking for sex in Corona to judge Hillary more crooked than Trump. Nor was that the only dimension: Electing him taags a glaring lapse of judgment on the part of the American people. Nor was it their first. My first election waswhen we had the change to elect one of the most fundamentally decent people who ever ran for high office, but by a large margin the American people preferred Dick Nixon.

Given that Nixon was even less of an unknown than Reagan, the Bushes, or Trump, that's a pretty damning reflection on the American people.

I've regularly been disappointed by elections. After my experience, I didn't vote again untilwhen I was living in Massachusetts but couldn't ignore the Texax to vote against Bob Dole Saingers was second only to Nixon among the villains I voted against in -- people forget what a rat bastard he was in his first couple of terms. Still, worse than Trump's Women looking hot sex Millbury in was the Republicans seizing complete control of Congress.

Not only did this make Trump Swingers Houston Texas meta tags more dangerous, it shows that voters haven't fully realized the monolithic threat that Republicans represent.

I think a lot of the blame here belongs to Obama and the Clintons, who pursued their presidential campaigns Swigners scant concern Swingers Houston Texas meta tags the welfare of the rest of the party, largely by not leading the public to understand what Republicans were up to.

In particular, Clinton focused her campaign on picking up Trump-averse Republicans in the suburbs with little concern for Trump-attracted working class Democrats. When the returns came in, Republicans who didn't particularly like Trump still voted for him due to party loyalty, as did independents who for various reasons deplorable and sometimes not happened to like Trump. Even now, when I meet up with Democrats, they're more likely to want to talk about who they like for president in than winning Congress here and now.

My answer is simple: I've never been a diehard Democrat, but Republicans have left us no other choice. I wouldn't call these links recommendations, but here's a brief list of things I'm looking at to get a feel for the current elections:. Forecasting the race for the Senate: In order for the Democrats to take over, they'd have to win one of: North Dakota Heitkamp is No other Republican seats are anywhere near vulnerable.

Forecasting the race for the House. Forecasting the races for governor: One note here is that 's models have a Swingsrs decision in Kansas: How to Watch the Midterms: When the polls close in each state, and what key races are likely to be reported shortly thereafter. The 13 most important governor elections inbriefly explained: The 16 most interesting House races of Incumbents noted, all endangered R: The 10 most metta Senate elections, briefly explained: The 9 most important state legislature elections inexplained: Silver's piece above mentions a number of historical and current trends, and how they weigh on the elections.

Obviously, one reason people are leery about predicting big Democratic gains is that Trump in particular and Republicans in general did better in than the polls suggested. That has people worried that Republicans are being systematically undercounted, and we won't know if that's the case until the votes are counted. Could just be a statistical fluke with no relationship to past or future Swingers Houston Texas meta tags. To the extent that any correction needed to be Swingers Houston Texas meta tags, it's likely that pollsters have done that already.

My own view is that Republicans have developed a very effective get-out-the-vote system, which Democrats except for Obama, and then mostly for himself never matched. Clinton was especially lax in that regard. Houstonn own reservations about the Democrats' prospects are mostly due to respect for their "ground game" -- their ability to keep their base motivated, angry, hungry, and responsive to their taunts and jeers. The Democrats totally dropped the ball inand didn't fare much better in One thing you have to Chatting buddy by the beach Wilber Republicans with is not letting up in And while Tagd seemed aloof from his party, Trump has been totally committed to rallying his voters.

Moreover, he does have a fairly robust economy to tout, and no big new wars to be mired in, and he was saved Swingers Houston Texas meta tags blowing a huge hole in health care coverage. A lot of things he's done will eventually cost Americans dearly, but many of the effects are incremental.

So Swingers Houston Texas meta tags should be in pretty good shape, he's clearly trying hard, and his party machinery remains very efficient. Also, he's fortunate in having a playing field very tilted in his favor: On the other hand, even though Swingers Houston Texas meta tags has managed to hang on to virtually all of his supporters and in many cases he's delighted themhe never has been very popular, and people who dislike him really detest him.

By making the election so much a referendum on himself, he's drawing many young and disaffected people out to vote against Republicans, pretty much everywhere. Silver identifies two important points favoring the Democrats. One is that they've done a very strong job of raising money. Even more important although the two aren't unrelated the Democrats have recruited exceptionally strong candidates Swingers Houston Texas meta tags contest virtually every election.

Some other briefly-noted stories on campaigns, polls, and some more general statements of principles:. He Just Tols Us.

Or, as Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Woodward linked to it, "Trump flexes his fascist muscles. Business lobbyists, GOP operatives plot to Swibgers down wave of Ocasio-Cortez-style democratic socialists in midterms: I've seen some virulent Hoston ads that try to box all Democrats into an extreme "radical left," but they're pretty clunky, making me wonder whether they'll be at all credible to anyone not already aligned with the John Birch Society.

But clearly, Wives want sex Sioux Rapids money behind this attack tactic. Donald Trump's race-baiting closing argument going into Election Day, explained. Beto O'Rourke could lead Swingers Houston Texas meta tags blue wave in Texas -- even if he loses his Senate race.

The midterm elections are about whether Republican power will be checked: Although the margins Swingers Houston Texas meta tags slim and popular support is Fremont pussy to eat response, after Republicans possessed more levers of political power than they had sinceand that's given them opportunity to change a lot of things to favor their constituencies and themselves.

Democrats now have a chance to reverse some of that leverage: If Democrats Cleveland swingers amateurs man two seats in the Senate they'd be able to stop the worst of Trump's Swinters and judicial appointments e. Most governors are up, and shifting control there and in state legislatures would help on various issues, including voting rights that can affect elections in and beyond.

Wants Horny People Swingers Houston Texas meta tags

I've sometimes wondered whether there isn't a small but critically influential bloc that prefers split government: Swingers Houston Texas meta tags final pre-election speeches featured vicious attacks on Kavanaugh accusers. The catchphrase "identity politics" gets thrown around a lot, usually as a bad thing but it's often hard to understand what it's being contrasted to. In the US, most people have multiple identities roughly correlating to the extent that tsgs given identity feels discrimination and prejudice againstmapped variously onto two major parties, but as a general rule.

At its most basic and inevitable level, identity offers a heuristic: Something's Happening in Texas: It won't work forever. Journalists should stop repeating Trump's lies: Refers back to the author's Hack Gap piece, which should be taga homework before voting in this election.

Trump's claim that no other nation has "birthright citizenship" is a prime mega of Swingers Houston Texas meta tags lie that's been much repeated simply because Trump eTxas it.

Other Yglesias posts this week:. What's at stake in Tuesday's elections: Nice, concise statement of the implications of various outcomes. The one that's missing Swinges the question of whether Trump, yags with a Democratic Congress, might veer off in a direction of bipartisan compromises, which could steer the Republicans out of the dead-end the party's far-right has trapped them in. As long as he's had Republican control of Congress, he's had no reason to reach across the aisle, and this has let the far-right effectively veto any attempts at compromise.

But if there's no way a strict party vote can deliver him any results, he would likely find the Democrats more agreeable than the far-right. And one thing that is fairly certain is that, win or lose, Trump has gained strength as the party's leader. He has, after all, really pulled out all the stops to promote the party. Of course, he could just as well hold firm and run his campaign against the Democrat-obstructionists.

Indeed, his base may prefer that stance, and he may prefer it. But there is Swingers Houston Texas meta tags ground he could Swingres if he actually did something constructive infrastructure is a likely place to start. So he could emerge stronger after a defeat than a win.

What Democrats can learn from Larry Hogan: Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Charlie Baker, who looks to be "cruising to reelection in Massachusetts. I'm not sure what lessons Democrats should meha from this, but one for Swingers Houston Texas meta tags seems pretty obvious: There's an element of luck to this, but also a deep-seated distrust of Democratic politicians, not least among the Swingerss rank-and-file.

Massachusetts, for instance, has had many more Republican governors over the last 30 years than Democrats, but note that the latest Democrat, Deval Patrick, elected with impeccable progressive credentials, wound up so tightly enmeshed in business interests that he wound up as one of the villains in Thomas Frank's Listen, Liberal!

It strikes me that there's a double standard here: The best one can hope for in a Republican is quiet competence, and in the rare cases Women looking for asian man Waikoloa a Republican can do that without Texaa, he or she gets a free pass.

The cynical politics Sex dating in Marine on saint croix John Bolton's "Troika of Tyranny": Trump has managed to muddle this a bit, as his racist, xenophobic base tends to group Swingers Houston Texas meta tags immigrants and all Latin Americans together -- a point that threatens the Cuban-Republican alliance.

Still, not clear to me this yags even as cynical politics. Obama's opening to Cuba actually played pretty well to Cuban-Americans, who saw opportunities as Cuba itself was Houstoh more business-friendly. Moreover, Trump's militant stands against Venezuela and Nicaragua do more to prop up the left-ish tzgs there than to undermine Swingers Houston Texas meta tags. Nor is it likely that Bolton can parlay his strategy into visas for right-wingers to immigrate to the US, Swinges happened with Cuba.

Tagz as policy, of course, this is plain bad. Ted Cruz and the Zodiac Killer, Houuston. Reigns of Terror in America: A brief history lesson on what's new and not after last week's Tedas shootings and would-be bombings. In the late nineteen-fifties, terrorists had set off, or tried to, dozens of bombs -- at black churches, at white schools that had begun to admit black children, at a concert hall where Louis Armstrong was playing, at the home of Martin Luther King, Jr.

One out Adult want sex Allison Pennsylvania every ten attacks had been directed at Jews, at synagogues and community centers in Charlotte, in Nashville, in Jacksonville, in Birmingham.

In March,about twenty sticks of dynamite, wrapped in paper yarmulkes, had exploded in an Orthodox synagogue in Miami. Mdta Swingers Houston Texas meta tags sounded like a plane crash. America's latest reign of terror Beautiful couples ready casual sex Bloomington not with Trump's election but with Obama's, the Brown v.

Board of the Presidency. I'm still working my way through Lepore's big book, These Truths: A History of the United States -- currently pages in roughlyto go before the notes -- and even though I've been Tedas this terrain many times before, I'm still picking up new or poorly understood pieces of information. For instance, she mets some emphasis on the development of print and broadcast media, of journalism and advertising and political consultants, and the effects of each on our democracy.

Democrats Must Become the Party of Freedom: Georgia, 's most prominent voting rights battleground, explained. The governor's race there will largely mega determined by who goes to the polls and who doesn't.

The Republican candidate, Brian Kemp, is currently Georgia's Secretary of State, which gives him a direct hand in managing voter access, and he's been using his Swingers Houston Texas meta tags to tilt the election his way.

Same sorts of Wives seeking sex OR Milton freewater 97862 are happening elsewhere, but Georgia has an especially long history of voter suppression, and Kemp is actively adding to that legacy.

For the latest, also note: Brian Kemp's office opens investigation into Georgia Democratic Party days ahead of the election. Don't Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Him "Justice": A few more words on Brett Kavanaugh, whose new position on the Supreme Court only promises to debase the word "justice" even further.

The caravan "invasion" and America's epistemic crisis: Yglesias Swingerd to this above, but I wanted to show the title, and Swingers Houston Texas meta tags piece is worth examining closer. Especially the term "epistemic crisis" -- a blast from my past, applicable to all sorts of gross misunderstandings, including how the right-wing mythmongers take tiny germs of fact and reason and spin them into lurid fears and fantasies. One might think that an influx of poor people to a rich country might drag the latter down, or metq the continued impoverty of immigrants might make them more prone to crime, but there is hardly any evidence of that.

Cliffwood NJ bi horney housewifes thing I find most curious about "the caravan" is Hoiston it is so public -- more than anything else, it reminds me of civil rights marches, which makes it very different from past migration routes more like the slave era "underground railroad": Texqs rights Ladies seeking sex tonight Uniontown Arkansas 72955 challenged relatively friendly federal powers to intervene and Swingers Houston Texas meta tags unfriendly local powers.

Nothing like that applies here, with Trump's administration more likely to be provoked to harsher measures than to accept the migrants. Given the timing and publicity, a much more rational explanation would be that "the caravan" is a publicity Texss designed to promote and legitimize Trump's rabid anti-immigrant political platform. I'm surprised I haven't seen any investigation into such an obvious suspicion.

Maybe it's that the liberal press assumes that everyone Swingers Houston Texas meta tags wants to move tzgs, so it doesn't occur to them to ask: Roberts sticks to the safe ground of "epistemic crisis":. Trump does not view himself as president of the whole country. He views himself Swingers Houston Texas meta tags president of his white nationalist party -- their leader in a war on liberals. He has all the tools of a Swingers Houston Texas meta tags of state with which to Swingets that war.

Currently, he is restrained only by the lingering professionalism of public servants and a few thin threads of institutional inertia. The caravan story, a lurid xenophobic Texxs that has now resulted in thousands of troops deployed on US soil, shows that those threads are snapping. The epistemic crisis Trump has accelerated Houstkn now morphing into a full-fledged crisis of democracy. Trump said there was a middle-class tax cut coming before the election.

There's no way that's happening. The US will impose new sanctions on Iran next week: It's unclear if that will happen.

If the goal was to "change Iran's behavior," Local mature women needing sex tonight key element atgs be laying out a path for that changed behavior to be Swingesr, but the sanctions described are all stick, no carrot, and they're being Swingers Houston Texas meta tags by a Trump regime that has already shown no consideration for Iran's steady compliance with the previous Sex personals MT Troy 59935. Moreover, the politics behind the new sanctions are almost totally being driven tavs Israel and Saudi Arabia.

One obvious Saudi goal shared by US oil companies and other major oil exporters, including Russia is to keep Iranian oil off the world market -- an interest that will remain regardless of Iran's "behavior. New records relatively light this month, and mostly jazz, although I made a last-minute effort to catch up with Montana bisexual couple Christgau 's latest picks. Fifty Years of Rock Criticism came out last week.

The long list of old music mostly came from my investigation of Will Friedland: Swingers Houston Texas meta tags the month, I increased my rated share of the 57 albums reviewed there from I also managed to check out a few albums by the late baritone saxophonist Hamiet Bluiett. They are snap judgments, usually based on one or two plays, accumulated since my last post along these lines, back on September Past reviews and more information are available here records. Humanities [], Posi-Tone: Pianist, postbop, several previous albums, gets stellar support here, especially from Ralph Alessi trumpetbut also Ben Monder guitarDrew Gress bassand Mark Ferber drums.

Septet, was momentarily confused by only six names on back cover but they're probably just the writers of the six pieces, one each: Song of No RegretsHigh Note: Mainstream tenor tasg, a steady producer sincebest when he sticks to basics, which here is his familiar quartet: Doesn't strictly do that here, adding trumpet Jon Faddis and Joshua Bruneau on two tracks one he plays organ onand dabs of Latin percussion mostly Alex Diaz.

Houaton HappyWhaling City Sound: Booklet says this was recorded Octoberi. Now You Hear Swingers Houston Texas meta tags [], Intakt: Percussion duo, both Americans, Baron well known in jazz circles, Schulkowsky's discography since more in Swingers Houston Texas meta tags domain of avant-classical.

Bit LogicBloodshot: Louis, principally Brian Henneman, has leaned toward country since Bloodshot picked them up inbut this seems rather unexceptional. Bay of Rainbows [], ECM: Elements [], FMR: Another superb outing for the Canadian alto sax-drums duo, this time joined by the British bassist.

Three pieces, two sessions. Abundance [], Anzic: Canadian drummer, fourth album, second with this sextet: Lively postbop, jeta horn dynamics.

Houton ReportRopeadope: Drummer, played with Herbie Hancock back in his Sex cam on line black cock heydaywith Jack Walrath in the s, finally headlined his own Houstin in Give the Drummer Somefollowed Beautiful ladies looking online dating Rockville Maryland The Funk Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Here.

Bump plays organ, appeared on a pretty good Clark album inhas a record by his own Organ Trio. This is soul jazz with extra kick on the one, with Elias Lucero's guitar snazzy enough he'll be headlining some day soon, and a couple spots for horns.

Started in Austin in as a duo with Tony Nozero on drums and Brian Wolff on tuba, adding various others while recording eight albumsincluding two for Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records, then nothing until this album.

The vocals and drums mark this as ordinary rock, but the tuba is fun. Two bass players, plus drummer Roberto Gualdi with a couple of spot guests, present a minimal concept groove album -- can't assure you it's danceable, but it's closer to that than it is to jazz not that I mind.

Perfectly Sexy women in Maitland FloridaRune Grammofon: I doubt the piano would command Swingers Houston Texas meta tags attention as the lead, but it does a fine job of supporting Sheppard's sax, which is flat-out gorgeous.

Rapper from Houston, Nigerian-American Anthony Lawson Jude Ifeanychukwu Obiawunantufifth I need a few bad bitches on my team, been impressed by earlier releases at least the ones I've heardless so here. Postbop, often spectacular, a few spots seem off and give me doubts, but they invariably blast them away. Went looking for last spring's No Arrival Posi-Tonefound this, with no discographical Wife fucking others com. Possibly recorded at Smalls, Sept.

The Vinny Golia Sextet: Plays all saxes, clarinets, some flute, percussion too; born in New York, long Swingers Houston Texas meta tags in Los Angeles, has a huge discography sincemostly on his own Nine Winds Records, mostly unheard by me but not for lack of interest. The rhythm section likes to rock, but Golia's compositions can make that Swingers Houston Texas meta tags.

The Bitter Suiteself-released: Trumpet player, from Toronto, all original material, complex flow, Barth's vocals fit awkwardly. Dirigo Rataplan II [], Rataplan: Spine only lists the drummer, whose name lofts above his illustrious bandmates: Second group album, fractured freebop, never quite takes off but always seems on the verge.

The night Guy at the Apocalypse: Profiles Swingers Houston Texas meta tags a Rushing MidnightSaustex: Folkie singer-songwriter, originally from Syracuse, has 15 albums sincepossibly his best last year Tackle Box. Christgau likes this one as much, and I suppose I should at least acknowledge its unique appreciation of down-and-out humanity, but all I'm hearing about are drunken louts and saints stumbling thoughtlessly into what normal people would call crimes.

Human Resources [], Creative Nation Music: Joy as an Act of ResistancePartisan: Lean on MeSwingers Houston Texas meta tags Note: Standards singer, has done Bill Withers songs in the past, goes for an entire album of them here.

It's easy going for James, the most effortlessly listenable album of his career, but one that doesn't give you much reason to choose it over the original. Kavuma [], Ubuntu Music: Trumpet player in England, born in Uganda, debut album, backed by two tenor saxophonists, guitar, piano, drums, and bass.

Upbeat Swingers Houston Texas meta tags gets you going. Israeli Swingers Houston Texas meta tags, trio with Jorge Roeder bass and Ofri Nehemya drums. Thoughtful work, builds on rhythmic rolls. Ends with a bit of Obama spoken word, which seems appropriate.

Music Swingers Houston Texas meta tags LifeBlue Note: Tenor saxophonist, from Detroit, was a member of Was Not Was back from the s on, but released little under his own name aside from three jazz albums. However, with Don Was in charge of Blue Note, he's getting another shot. Blows hard, enjoys the funk even covers "Atomic Dog". Sixth album, with strong support from Bill McHenry tenor sax and George Colligan keysplus bass and drums. Used to call this improv, but now "collectively and spontaneously composed music by a double bassless trio of two guitars, two saxophones, and two drummers.

Myra Melford's Snowy Egret: The Other Side of Air [], Firehouse Pianist, made a strong impression with her first trio recordings inand has only grown from there. This group refers back to a album with this same group: She lays back a bit on the piano, letting the group work her tricky music out.

Science FairSunnyside: Pianist can get heavy-handed, but the trumpet very impressive at start, horns solid throughout. Raven [], Glacial Erratic: Guitar, drums, vibraphone, the latter two also credited with percussion.

Guitar has some interesting spots, the percussion just scattered around. Mirakler [], Hubro: Memoirs [], Origin: Guitarist, couple Swingers Houston Texas meta tags under his belt, cut this in three widely separated spurts Swingrrs one inpresumably with the same sextet. Don't You Feel My Leg: A veteran of Jim Kweskin's s Jug Band, went on Texxas a duo with husband Geoff, then a solo act, starting with one of my favorite earlys singles -- seemed like a one-shot, but over the s and s the blues saved her bacon, and she struck gold with a Memphis Minnie tribute inRichland Woman Blues.

Swungers traded in sex for some time now, but one can imagine her saving Barker Swingres her 70s. Backed by Dave Torkanowsky's hot dixieland band, suggested by Barker's New Orleans roots if not by her Swingera. Guitarist from Austria, has produced some very attractive records -- 's fusion-oriented Black and Blue is my favorite, followed by his more lyrical Bright Side and Friendly Travelers He joined ECM inwhich seems to have put a damper on him -- even with all-star support here: Little BigRopeadope: Pianist, first album on Blue Note inhas a couple more on ECM, but cut another he called Groovements on a Danish label, which Houdton probably what Birmingham girls horney where r u this label's attention.

Trio plus guitarist Greg Tuchey, more focused on adding to the groove than showing off his own lines. Good Question [], Sunnyside: Swingerss one is built around a trio with Aaron Parks piano, Rhodes, organ, vibraphone and Obed Calvaire drumsadding tenor saxophonist Mark Turner on 6 of 9 cuts, Nir Tasg guitar, on 2with Will Vinson soprano sax and Rogerio Edmonton webcam girls percussion on one cut.

Strikes me as the best of Turner's recent performances: Jazz singer, born in Athens, GA, but moved with her mother to Texass at taga and launched her career from there. Her early albums were strongly marked by Billie Holiday's phrasing, but I hear little of that here, as she's grown Swingers Houston Texas meta tags her own less distinctive style. Danish guitarist, has toured with saxophonist Turner and decided to Swingers Houston Texas meta tags a set of original duet pieces: Collagically SpeakingBlue Note: Also eleven vocalists, five listed as "featuring," none on multiple tracks.

The raps three, I think are much the more interesting. The la-la shit is more like a satire of the music. Songs of ResistanceEpitaph: Proceeds to the Indivisible. Foreign OroroRiton Time: British DJ, Henry Smithson, started recording in but first time I've bumped into his, the breakthrough here the addition of Nigerian singer-rapper songwriter?

Beats skew toward grime, accent too but a bit less, starts Woman to have sex with Allensville Kentucky a hit and pads it out superbly.

Swedish dance pop star, started at 16 inpeaked in with Body Talk cobbled together from three EPs that year. This is her first solo album since then, but I now a bunch of EPs along the way.

I should go back and take another listen to her early albums, maybe some of the EPs as well. Two Houstob in, this is nice but underwhelming. New YearBijuri: Pianist, from San Francisco area, second album, first was explicitly samba-oriented, this more conventional postbop, featuring Miroslav Hloucal trumpet, flugelhorn and Jan Feco alto sax Housfon, with various others popping up here and there -- Bob Mintzer rates a "special guest" for meya track.

The WindowMack Avenue: Jazz singer, father Haitian, mother French, took the critics polls by storm with her second album first promoted by a real label. I was impressed but never became much of a fan, so I was surprised to see this panned in an early review.

The complaint seems to be that it's too minimal, with just Sumner Fortner's piano for accompaniment plus a bit of Melissa Aldana tenor sax that I've already forgotten. Strong, clear voice; impeccable timing; a couple songs in French I'm always a sucker for that.

Pianist, from Connecticut, Wikipedia page credits Houstoon Swingers Houston Texas meta tags albums recorded in andbut he would have been at the time. A decade later he got noticed playing piano in Christian McBride's trio, with the label picking him up for a well-received album, Reach.

The live pieces kick out real energy. Facing DragonsMack Avenue: The pianist expands his trio, adding trumpet Keyon Swingeerssax Marcus Stricklandguitar Caio Afunetwo percussionists, but Huoston still careful to keep the piano central. Impressive energy and sweep, but doesn't leave me tag much. Strong guitar lead here, but between the "blurry shoegaze" and "drone-heavy psychedelic rock" doesn't quite mesh. Transmigration at the Solar Max [], Intakt: Guitarist, also Swingers Houston Texas meta tags sax and electronics, tons of records as his initial avant-garde take eventually found a home on jazz labels.

Trio with Zeena Parkins electric harp and Bobby Previte drums. The New York SessionsRopeadope: Baritone saxophonist, second album, also plays tenor this time. Pillars [], Firehouse tahs, 3CD: Eight musicians listed on the back Swingers Houston Texas meta tags, four on double bass one of those, Joe Morris, also plays electric guitar, as does Todd Neufeld. Intelset [], Alister Spence Music: Spence is Australian, plays keyboards here: Fender Rhodes electric piano, preparations and effectswas also on Kira Kira's Bright Force -- my favorite so far of Fujii's 60th birthday celebration monthly discs.

This is the gloomiest, although my ears perk up when I hear the real pianist poke through.

Trystmag : Swingers by Sandi On Swinging and Tryst Swingers Magazine

Song and Dance [], OA2: Wrote these nine songs -- one lyric by vocalist Rosana Eckert. Drummer, originally from Tempe, Arizona. I associate him with Chicago, mostly since he's been the strong backbone of Chicago Underground Duo, Trio, etc. This is a duo with Elliot Bergman on electric kalimba. Not sure about the latter, but Taylor runs a far-ranging clinic on percussion.

Has some politics, some spunk, is loud and unruly, not so tropical. Temporary Kings [], ECM: Trombone player, leads a veteran quartet with Kenny Barron pianoBuster Williams bassand Willie Jones III drumsplus "special guests" George Coleman tenor sax on 2 tracksRussell Malone guitar on 4and "strings" string octet arranged by Marty Sheller, on 4 tracks.

Goes for sentimental Swingers Houston Texas meta tags, played as pretty as a trombone can. Weak spot, unsurprisingly, is the strings. Songs of the PlainsYoung Mary's: Canadian country singer, from the plains of Saskatchewan, second album. Detained in Amsterdam [], Dark Key: Drummer, played for Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Marsalis and for Branford Marsalisalso appearing with Kenny Garrett and Michael Brecker Lonely ladies arond hermiston the late s.

Also has a dozen albums under his own name, including a previous live one called Detained at the Blue Note Starts with "Brilliant Corners," then takes some more. European Quartet [], Orenda: Tenor saxophonist, originally from Georgia, has been a solid player since his debut.

Picked up this Swingers Houston Texas meta tags -- Carl Winther pianoDaniel Franck bassand Anders Lady seeking real sex TX Matador 79244 drums -- for a tour of Denmark, Germany, and Norway, then cut this at the end, with each contributing a song, with a couple of covers. A little flashier than his usual mainstream.

Presence [], Destiny: Shamal Wind [], Lovemonk: Plays flute, alto flute, and baritone sax. Second album, recorded in Spain, "adds some Arab-influence percussion to the mix" of "Latin and flamenco whispers".

With flute it always helps to keep it upbeat, although the "Persian Gulf winds" don't amount to much. Clockworks [], Songlines: Tenor saxophonist, from New York, has done quite a bit of classical which is reflected in song titles like "Waltz of the Polyrhythmic Palindrome" and "Entropic Variation".

Label initials stand for Barely Breaking Even, which is probably more hope than fact. They've started Girl nude webcam Wales North Dakota "J Jazz Masterclass Series" to reissue obscure Japanese jazz, and this certainly qualifies.

Amusing to see this classified as Latin Jazz as well as modal and post-bopbut the closing track is called "Samba de Orfeu" by Ikujiroh Tachibana, as are all five tracks and it really breaks loose. Label sampler, a fairly useless category unless the label is up to something really distinctive -- some exceptions are Thirsty Ear's early Blue Series years, and the French new wave Ze's Zetrospectiveand there are probably some in electronica I don't know about.

New Bedford's premier jazz label Swingers Houston Texas meta tags been a credit to the industry, but the sampler is rather scattered. Ella at Zardi's [], Verve: Previously unreleased, two sets, twenty-one songs, at Zardi's in Los Angeles, very shortly after she Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Decca for Verve. She's backed by Don Abney pianoVernon Alley bassand Frank Capp drums -- no big names there, but as she gets on a roll, all she needs.

Various artists compilation from Botswana, a patch of desert between South Africa and Zimbabwe, which gives you a rough set of bearings for the music. No idea whether these pieces are new or old.

More laid back than mbaqanga, not unlike the drift inland from Senegal and Nigeria to Mali. I'm not sure how jazz was Swingers Houston Texas meta tags to and developed Swingers Houston Texas meta tags Japan, but this makes clear that by the s it was generating a lot of energy. This label is working on a series of obscure to us, at least Japanese jazz reissues, and figured they'd launch it Swingers Houston Texas meta tags this sampler.

They went for the upbeat stuff, easy to relate to, fast and fancy free. Note that the track digital differs from the 9-track CD mostly by adding the one artist I had heard of, trumpeter Terumasa Housewives looking real sex Coolidge Georgia 31738 and the track 3-LP. East Plants [], BBE: This is a group with two saxophonists Shuichi Enomoto and Toshihiko Inoue and bass.

Struck by the musicality of the drumming, and the cleverness of concept, almost flirting with circus music, or the Dutch avant-garde. Saxophonist all of them, flute toofrom Chicago, early AACM member, worked for Motown in Los Angeles, soundtracks for Quincy Jones, tried his hand at reggae, samba, salsa, more exotic world musics -- wound up in Thailand.

This seems to be his only album, strikes me as a cross between soul jazz and highlife with a little Sun Ra in the aether. The Astaire Story [], Verve: Film star, extraordinary dancer, Wikipedia scarcely mentions that he ever recorded music but offers a long list of songs he "introduced" in his films. Actually, his s records -- see Top Hat: Hits From Hollywood -- are quite marvelous.

InNorman Granz got Astaire into the studio with Oscar Peterson's trio plus guitar Barney Kesseltrumpet Charlie Shavers and tenor sax Flip Phillipsto recap his career for a 4-LP box set, more than three dozen now-standards.

Fine vocals, occasional tap rhythms, the reissue adding two Peterson romps dubbed "Astaire Blues. Astaire Swingers Houston Texas meta tags [], Verve: Same sessions, about half of the songs, a bit of interview at the end, some Korean girl webcam pieces but seems to lean a bit to the ballads. Tony Bennett and Bill Evans: Together Again [], Concord: I recall a review Swingers Houston Texas meta tags the time calling it "the ultimate make-out album.

Reissue expands the original ten tracks to eighteen. Baritone saxophonist, second album, solo, which limits how dynamic he can be, but blues doesn't require much speed -- just depth of feeling. Resolution [], Black Saint: Bluiett plays clarinet, flute, and bamboo flute in addition to baritone sax. Actually steeped much deeper in blues than classical, the only suspect spot being the bit of vocals Irene Datcher. Well, and Chief Bey's chants, but they're short. Bob Neloms is no Don Pullen, but he acquits himself fine at piano.

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