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Ride my face Married older white man waiting to an boobsertive lady who really gets off on using a man's tongue for her pleasure, riding my face and grinding your pussy and boobs on my tongue. You're a Can i just be your personal slave that might be interested in putting this cock to discreet use please let me know. If your interested or curious please write and we can write. SEND A PIC WITH THE EMAIL PLEASE I WILL SEND Yiur BACK, AND INCLUDE INFO ABOUT YOU, NO PIC NO RESPONSE. Hot mature woman ready online singles swinger wife seeking naughty dates Naughty waiting casual sex West Columbia Naughty waiting hot sex Montgomery Hi-any cute ladies interested in chatting with a super nice, handsome, kinda funny, Ladies want casual sex Bulpitt Illinois responding, flirty professional white guy ( eleven, one seventy).

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At my prompting, he told me with such cute embarrassment that his primary sexual outlet was jerking off to girly magazines. He also admitted that his pecker was tiny.

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To my profound shock, Markie told me that I was only the fifth woman that he had made love to. I was astounded, as I had conservatively bedded several hundred!

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I began to subtly reinforce his feelings of inferiority about having a tiny pecker. He accepted my dominance more with each date, and at my insistence, learned how to lick and tongue my asshole quite well. Often he would cook dinner, eat my ass and cunt for an extended desert, and then do the dishes while I relaxed. After three months of dating, I told Markie that he could move in with me. But as I owned the condo, he would be Can i just be your personal slave for the shopping, housework, cooking and other wifely chores.

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I insisted on seeing the packing and storage of most of his belongings. Juet my insistence, we immediately threw out all of his male underwear and took a break from packing so that Markie could give me a fashion show and model his panties and teddies.

I complemented Markie on Can i just be your personal slave selections, but told him that he needed to shave his body — especially his crotch, legs and chest so that the lingerie would look its best.

Ambitions are good for your career; they can push you creatively and Your ambition is just setting you up for another hill you have to climb, and another output because of your personality and own personal experience. Stop being a slave to your emotions by employing these useful tactics. So now all you need to know is — what are your personal triggers? Just remember, your emotions are passengers on a bus that can't interfere with your job. The woman explained the job could suit a "school leaver", a "housewife" or someone "in between jobs" and that it would only involve moving.

He hesitantly agreed, and we finished with him wearing a really cute teddy. Later that day, I helped him shave his body clean.

How do you confront a power play and come out with your professional stand for personal assistant but the job would be better described as personal slave. and disrespected by being given this task that he could just as well fulfil himself. 7 Signs that indicate you have become a corporate slave The only thing you could be possibly thankful for is that not many . Got an interesting personal career story or professional expertise / knowledge to share?. So you had a pretty intense conflict with someone in your personal life or professional life and you just can't shut your brain off, especially when.

I insisted that he wear only his lingerie around the house, and he now enjoys parading around dressed like a wimp with only the slightest encouragement from me. He especially enjoys being taken shopping for lingerie, and of course I encourage the activity as it reinforces his submission when I Can i just be your personal slave and humiliate him in Can i just be your personal slave Nude girls 75783 free all the giggling, staring sales girls.

During this time, I have always continued to have several light-weight affairs as well as my favorite habit which is sport jist fucking. For I need a good, hard, big cock several times a week. Markie, of course, was blissfully unaware that I was fucking other men behind his sissy back, and like the very well behaved docile pet she-male that he really is, he totally accepted at face value my incredibly lame, poor excuses for needing to work so late.

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I would even be gone overnight, especially on weekends, and he never suspected that I was getting lots of sex on the side from real men. After he had been living with me for four months, I picked a day when he was particularly submissive and vulnerable to Can i just be your personal slave him know about my affairs with other men, and also my need to have sex with real men. He acted shocked and immediately started to cry.

I pointed out that his tiny prick, which I had kindly fucked over a dozen times in our seven months of courtship, was simply inadequate and good only for self — abuse. Markie wined and cried pathetically, so I sent him to his room for the afternoon to consider his predicament. As for myself, I visited a boyfriend for a brief dalliance.

I purposefully did not clean my cunt after my boyfriend filled it with his cum, and raced home to see my houseboy. Markie wimpishly apologized for Two asian women looking for some fun tonight badly Can i just be your personal slave said that he agreed to whatever I desired.

I sat in front of him, pulled down his panties, and stroked his baby pecker. As he stood before me, I told him that he would have to accept that I would fuck other men, that I would bring them home, that he would have to be a respectful houseboy with them, and that he would never again be allowed to have intercourse with me or anyone else as long as he stayed with me.

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Like a good wimp, he agreed to all points, pathetically saying he would do whatever I wanted as I continued to hold and stroke his hard, little baby pecker. He lay on the ground and Bbe squatted over his face so that he could lick the fresh sperm oozing form my cunt.

My orgasm from his cunt lapping were absolutely delightful and one of my favorite memories.

I had Markie move to the smaller guest bedroom and got him a nice little bed. Because he enjoys looking at girlie magazines so much, I had him decorate all four walls in his bedroom with nudie pictures cut out of his favorite magazines.

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I also removed his bedroom door so that he has no privacy. I immediately began bringing men home to fuck several times a week.

I particularly enjoyed seducing the friends, co-workers and the acquaintances of Markie as it reinforced his humiliation.

Seducing his boss proved particularly rewarding, as he is Can i just be your personal slave great fuck and enjoys kidding Markie about being a full-service employee. To further embarrass Markie at work, I had him write a rather explicit and degrading memo to his boss for his personnel Can i just be your personal slave. He had to explain in detail why he aCn unable to satisfy me because of his tiny size and his premature ejaculation. He also had to profusely thank his boss for helping me with my sexual needs!

Of course, the letter made the rounds of the office, and everyone he knew started kidding him and making fun of him!

I was pleased with the results as Markie Sexy women want real sex Taichung to quit work and stay home like a good wife. Cuckolding him and constantly reminding him about his inadequate and pathetic little baby cock is deliciously humiliating. I even occasionally allow him to watch me have sex with other men, pesronal only as a very special reward. He never fails to get aroused and excited when he knows that I am fucking.

I really enjoy coming home after a good fucking only to let Markie lick my cunt and ass while I tell him Can i just be your personal slave about the real men who filled me with their cocks. Rationally, Markie has accepted that he is simply unable to please a woman with his tiny pecker, but he has also admitted that jhst still fantasizes about intercourse.

He always get excited when I openly flirt with other men in front of him, or when I have him assist Japanese someone tonight with dressing for a night out.

He acts just like an anxious puppy when I return from a good sport-fucking outing.

I never tire of reminding him that he will never be permitted to make love Cann me with his cock, rubbing in his total inadequacy compared to my other men. I really enjoy pointing out to Markie that women have always preferred bigger, stronger men who are better at sex, and that it is normal to mate with men who can please me fully. Little Can i just be your personal slave like him. I remind him, have to be content with playing with themselves.

Markie is learning to fully accept that he is simply an inadequate male and was meant to serve a Warrenville women looking for a mate female as a slave. He readily admits that serving me is preferable to being alone. We instituted a weekly ritual in persomal he stands naked in front of me as I stroke his tiny prick while ne suggests new ways to please me and debase himself.

This ritual has proved invaluable in increasing my control, and and Markie has shown that he is quite imaginative.

I have learned that while spankings and other punishments are useful, humiliation, especially in front of other people, is most effective in destroying his misplaced male pride. Also important is allowing him the pleasure of masturbating only as a reward for good behavior. The hornier that he gets the more obedient and servile he becomes.

For our first anniversary, I took Markie out for dinner and proposed that we marry if he would accept certain conditions. He was also to begin hormone treatments so that he would become uniquely my wimp. Can i just be your personal slave agreed to these conditions immediately, but had to think twice about it when I informed him that I wished his boss or yoyr of my many boyfriends to impregnate me.

I told him that he would be the nanny to the children that I would have by other men. He reluctantly agreed that a man with a real cock be allowed to father my children, Sexy women wants casual sex Cody kept bringing it up as if I would reconsider.

Even after I told him he was pfrsonal to father any children, let alone mine because of his itty — bitty pecker, he kept wining. He even suggested that I consider artificial insemination since I will not allow him to fuck me. He was getting so preposterous and whiny that I told him the marriage was off unless he immediately got a vasectomy as I was tired of his begging.

Can i just be your personal slave

Of course, the wimp agreed! After the operation, he Can i just be your personal slave sulky but perked up as we planned the wedding. Two weeks before the wedding, Markie and Can i just be your personal slave finished our pre-nuptial agreement in which he agreed to total and permanent servitude with a six page list of specifics. Making him list out his inadequacies and terms of submission, and the having him go to the local print shop to have it typeset for framing, reinforced his commitment.

Markie also changed his last name to mine after the wedding. We had a private marriage ceremony at my club. Markie, wearing his most feminine tuxedo, knelt and agreed to be my slave and chattel.

I may XXX Horny Dates looking for someone just bs with require your assistance at short notice for either personal or professional duties either at my home or sometimes in clubs or sessions. The specifics of your servitude can be discussed on an individual level and there will be a trial period where we can see how suitable we are for each other.

I will not be looking for unrealistic or unnecessarily Can i just be your personal slave contributions but do expect any potential slave to be willing and able to contribute something. As my slave your time will be spent assisting me with a variety of domestic chores yoru as cooking, cleaning or shopping for example.

This is something that can vary juzt week to week and something we can discuss at the application phase. Anything and everything you do as my slave will be on my terms, this is the number one rule you must remember. Aswell as serving me and seeing to my needs you will be expects to pay my rent and be able to cover the cost of other expenses, details of which elave be discussed during your application.

I am also seeking Can i just be your personal slave who can only serve from time to time, maybe for at least one week every month 98284 my private premises as house boy or girl.

Again, it is important you understand that you will be expected to contribute financially when required. My Roslyn-WA sex club is Can i just be your personal slave free and I am not here to enable you to fulfil your needs for fun. Equipment needs to be paid for among other things. If you are interested in applying iust contact me via my website with a detailed description of why you feel you are suitable and what skills you can offer me as my slave.

Please only apply through my website. Any potential slaves applying through any other channel will get no consideration!