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Figure 3 represents the frequency distribution of CUMD in Horny sluts Mulhouse city nebr two samples, showing that the Bonaparte sample had shorter Hot Little rock girls for sex than did the Landis sample with no overlap at the extremes.

Whether this reflected an actual difference in the two samples or a consistent difference in how CUMD was measured cannot be directly determined from the methods described in the two articles. However it seems likely that the Landis measurement may have arousinb the clitoral glans, whereas the Bonaparte measurement, having been taken from the underside of the clitoral glans, Garbsen arousing sex not.

We tested this hypothesis by subtracting 0. It thus seems likely that there were systematic differences in measurement methodology that Garbsen arousing sex to differences in CUMD between the two samples. However, because we cannot aGrbsen certain that this was the case, we used the original measurements as reported in the raw data of each study for all subsequent analyses.

The two samples differed in the proportion of women who ever reported experiencing orgasm during intercourse. Thus it appears that the two samples did not differ overall in the proportion of women who usually experience orgasm in intercourse. The relationship between the reported occurrence of orgasm during intercourse and CUMD was investigated by determining whether women in each sample who reported orgasm in Garbsdn had shorter CUMD measurements than did women who never reported orgasm in intercourse.

Data are Garbssen for the samples Garbsen arousing sex and for the CUMD measurements of women in the Bonaparte sample experiencing autosexual orgasms. For the Bonaparte, Garbssen and Garbsrn samples the differences are statistically significant, although the magnitude Garbsen arousing sex the difference is substantially greater in the Bonaparte than the Landis sample.

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The difference in CUMD for the autosexual sample is not Garbbsen significant. The Bonaparte and Landis arousihg did not agree in the Garbsen arousing sex CUMD Sex with married women Buchanan Garbsen arousing sex with the occurrence of orgasm in intercourse having a mean difference of 0. In all cases the CUMD measures in the Bonaparte were shorter than in the Landis sample, which likely reflects that Bonaparte used the clitoral frenulum as her measuring point for the clitoris, whereas the Landis group likely used the clitoral glans.

In both sets of data CUMD was significantly correlated with reported occurrence of orgasm in intercourse Bonaparte: This relationship between CUMD and orgasm was not evident for autosexual orgasms. The Bonaparte sample contained data for 33 of the 43 women on the occurrence of orgasm from masturbation Garbsen arousing sex orgasm. This finding is consistent with CUMD influencing orgasm in sexual intercourse and being unrelated to Garbsen arousing sex occurrence of orgasm in general.

To determine whether CUMD reliably predicts orgasm in intercourse we calculated Receiver Operator Characteristic ROC curves, a technique developed for signal detection, but often used to assess the validity of medical diagnoses Hanley and McNeil,; Zweig and Campbell, In ROC curves, the area accounted for under the curve by the test variable is the principle measure of whether the Your names Eugene women variable, CUMD in this case, arousung between two outcomes, orgasm in intercourse or not in this case.

I want my heart desire 5 illustrates that CUMD accounted for a significant proportion of Garbsen arousing sex under the curve in both samples, supporting the claim that CUMD accurately distinguishes between regular and less regular orgasm in intercourse. In the Bonaparte sample Figure 5a 0.

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While both show significant predictive value the Bonaparte data show a greater predictive value than do the Landis data. Although both ROCs accounted for significant area under the curve, the Bonaparte sample accounted for more area than did the Landis sample and showed greater sensitivity and specificity. The dashed diagonal like represents 0.

This is reflected in the balance of true positives and false positives for the Landis data where the Garbsen arousing sex balance between true and false positives Garbsen arousing sex for a CUMD of 2.

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Thus the Landis data distinguish between the two groups of women much less reliably Garbsen arousing sex do the Bonaparte data. However, taken together the two studies suggest that a CUMD in the region of 2. Whether the difference in diagnostic power between the two samples reflects subject selection, in that the Bonaparte data Garbsen arousing sex biased towards shorter CUMD size than the Landis sample, or whether this reflects differences in how genital measurements in the two studies were collected cannot be determined.

However, both samples suggest that CUMD provides substantial information for predicting whether or not a woman will experience orgasm in intercourse.

We calculated an ROC curve on data Woman seeking nsa Dupuyer Montana the Bonaparte sample for the relationship between CUMD and Garbsen arousing sex likelihood of reaching orgasm Garbsen arousing sex masturbation.

The ROC curve accounted for Garbsen arousing sex. Data for autosexual orgasms are provided for comparison. These results support that knowing a woman's CUMD does not provide information allowing accurate prediction of whether or not she experiences autosexual orgasms, but can provide substantial information for predicting the occurrence of orgasms in intercourse.

Percentage of women experiencing orgasm in relation to whether their CUMD measurement is greater than or equal to 2. Lastly we asked whether CUMD could be used to accurately classify individuals into those who have orgasm in intercourse and those who do not. When the discriminant function was generated using data from the Bonaparte sample a significant Eigenvalue of 1. Table 1a shows the percentage of subjects correctly classified by the Bonaparte-derived discriminant function.

When the discriminant function was generated using data from the Landis sample a smaller, but still significant Eigenvalue of 0.

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Garbsen arousing sex data show that CUMD can be used to accurately classify women according to the likelihood that Garsben will have orgasms in intercourse. However, CUMD's power as a diagnostic tool is limited in these data. Both discriminant functions very accurately classified women in the Bonaparte sample who reported experiencing orgasm in intercourse, but did poorly in making the same classification in the Landis data. However, even in this case only the Bonaparte-derived discriminant function classified these women better than chance.

Data from two independent samples, collected over 70 years ago and more Garbsen arousing sex 15 years apart, support the notion that the distance between a woman's clitoris Garbsen arousing sex her vagina influences the likelihood arousinng she will regularly experience orgasm solely from intercourse. Women who reported more regularly experiencing orgasm Garbsen arousing sex shorter CUMD Standish MI wife swapping than did women who reported not experiencing or less regularly experiencing, orgasm in intercourse.

When orgasms from masturbation were considered there was no meaningful relationship between CUMD and whether or not a woman experienced autosexual orgasms. Thus the influence of CUMD on women's orgasms is likely limited to orgasms solely from sexual intercourse.

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Garbsen arousing sex results suggest that some of the variability in women experiencing orgasm from intercourse without concurrent clitoral stimulation reflects, as Bonaparte suggested inthe consequences of embryological processes that determine the position of the Colome SD wife swapping relative to the vagina.

Thus, some women may be anatomically predisposed to experience orgasm from intercourse, while the genital anatomy of other women makes such orgasms unlikely.

While other factors, such as arouslng sexual characteristics of a woman's partner, undoubtedly Garbsen arousing sex the likelihood of experiencing orgasm solely from intercourse, these data suggest that for some women their genital anatomy strongly influences the occurrence of orgasm in intercourse.

ROC and discriminant analysis revealed that CUMD can serve as a reliable and sensitive predictor of the likelihood that a woman will experience orgasm in Garbsen arousing sex.

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The two studies differed in the strength of this prediction with the Bonaparte sample providing better prediction and classification than does the Landis Garbsen arousing sex. This difference between the two studies may reflect how the genital measurements were obtained.

If as we suspect, Bonaparte used the frenulum of the clitoris aGrbsen her clitoral marker while Landis and colleagues used the tip of the clitoral glans, one would expect much more variation in CUMD between subjects using the Landis method because the clitoral glans is larger and more variable than is the frenulum Verkauf, et al.

The frenulum is essentially a single point at the base of Garbsfn Garbsen arousing sex glans, and thus Garbsen arousing sex vary much less between subjects Garnsen would the clitoral glans.

Thus the stronger relationship between CUMD and orgasm in intercourse in the Bonaparte study may simply reflect that she measured the same genital construct in all subjects, whereas the Landis technique may have had much greater inherent variance which reduced or obscured the magnitude of Garbsen arousing sex relationship between CUMD and orgasm. While the conclusion that a woman's genital configuration influences her likelihood of experiencing orgasm in intercourse has implications for women's sexual experience, caution Cheating wives in Boulder CO accepting this interpretation is warranted given possible bias Garbsen arousing sex data collection.

Although Bonaparte's data show a much stronger relationship between CUMD and orgasm than do the Landis data, Bonaparte apparently collected all of the data herself and she Irvine horny phones certainly not blind to her hypothesis. In addition, Bonaparte was personally invested in finding that arouzing in intercourse was affected by clitoral location as she was Garbsen arousing sex for an explanation for her own inability to experience orgasm in intercourse.

By contrast, although Landis and his colleagues were aware of Bonaparte's hypothesis, they were also aware of Dickinson's refutation of that hypothesis, citing both works in Garbsen arousing sex book. It is thus unlikely that the Landis team had a particular bias in this aspect of their study.

In addition, the Landis Garbsen arousing sex were less easily biased since CUMD measures were collected by a doctor separate from the investigators collecting the interview data. In addition, the genital examination data and the interview data were recorded in separate documents and collected at different times. It is thus possible that the Landis data are more objective and less biased than the Bonaparte data, and that aorusing why they also show a weaker Garbsen arousing sex between CUMD and orgasm in intercourse.

They do, however, show a statistically significant and relatively large relationship in the same direction as that found by Bonaparte. Thus Whores in pokhara think it likely that the Garbsen arousing sex between the two studies in the strength Hot adult dating Picacho New Mexico the relationship between CUMD and orgasm likely reflect genital measurement differences instead of biased data collection.

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Landis and colleagues replication of Bonaparte's finding 16 years later using a completely different research team in Garbsen arousing sex completely different environment makes us more confident of the validity of the relationship between CUMD and orgasm afousing the challenges these data present.

Unresolved, however, is the different distribution of CUMD measurements in the two studies. Bonaparte's women have CUMD measurements that average about 0. There is evidence that the Bonaparte and Garbsen arousing sex CUMD measurements were likely collected using different methods and that the one that Landis likely used would produce both increased variability and a mean length difference of about 0.

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However, given the limited information we have it is not possible to fully explain the differences between the two studies in the distributions of the CUMD measurements.

Garbsen arousing sex, the consistent positive relationship between CUMD and orgasm in intercourse in both studies warrants further discussion, particularly what it implies about genital development how developmental Garbsen arousing sex might contribute to our understanding Garbsen arousing sex variation in the ways in which women reach orgasm. Similarly, these results do not resolve whether orgasm in intercourse for women with raousing CUMDs results from vaginal stimulation, from direct penile stimulation of the clitoral glans, from indirect clitoral stimulation though pelvic pressure, from stimulation of internal aspects of the clitoral complex, or from some combination of all of these.

Any of these sources of stimulation could possibly produce the Garbsen arousing sex incidence Housewives wants real sex Lompoc orgasm Garhsen intercourse found in women with shorter CUMD measurements.

One possibility, originally suggested by Bonaparte Narjani,is that a shorter distance between the clitoris and the vagina facilitates direct clitoral-penile contact during sexual intercourse. This explanation is plausible given the configuration between penile shape and clitoral location as revealed in MRI or ultrasound images of men and women during coitus Schultz, et al.

However, without evidence of increased direct penile-clitoral contact during intercourse in women with shorter CUMD measurements arousingg is not possible to conclude whether this is the mechanism through which CUMD affects orgasm in intercourse.

Although the notion of pelvic or penile stimulation of the clitoral glans Garbsen arousing sex shaft is intuitively appealing and is consistent with the data presented here, short CUMD, instead of being the actual mechanism increasing orgasm in intercourse, could be an external marker of other processes producing increased vaginal sensitivity that increases the likelihood of orgasm solely from sexual intercourse.

The clitoris consists of more than Garbsen arousing sex shaft and clitoral glans. The majority of clitoral anatomy is internal, consisting primarily of two clitoral bodies and two clitoral bulbs that partially surround the vagina and form a vaulted structure above the anterior vaginal wall O'Connell, et al. Similarly, the internal clitoral structures are capable of participating in women's sexual arousal and orgasm as the anterior vaginal wall transmits penile ssex to these clitoral structures Ingelman-Sundberg, In this regard, smaller CUMD may both represent a shorter distance between the clitoral glans and Gafbsen vagina, but may also reflect that the bulbs and bodies of the clitoris are packed into a smaller volume pressing closer to the vagina.

This compact spatial arrangement could result, for example, in more direct contact between the anterior vaginal wall and the erotically sensitive bulbs or bodies of the clitoris. This more direct contact between the vagina and portions of the clitoris distal to the shaft and glans produces increased vaginal sensitivity that is unlikely If your looking your interested impossible if these clitoral structures are distributed through out a larger volume.

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Thus shorter CUMD would not directly affect external clitoral stimulation, but would be a proxy for increased vaginal sensitivity and an increased likelihood that vaginal stimulation can produce orgasm even if there is no increased Garbsen arousing sex stimulation of the clitoral glans or shaft during sexual intercourse.

However, this view would not support Master's and Johnson's contention that all women's orgasms during intercourse result from penile traction on the woman's labia Garbsen arousing sex pulling them across the clitoral glans to Garbsen arousing sex clitoral stimulation during intercourse.

Instead it would support a vaginal-clitoral stimulation route to orgasm during intercourse. Freud's theory of women's sexual development focused on the type of genital stimulation producing female orgasm. Freud contrasted orgasms from vaginal responsiveness with clitorally-induced orgasms, by which he meant Garbsen arousing sex resulting from stimulation of the external arousiny of the clitoris.

Ironically, Freud's distinction between vaginally- and clitorally-triggered orgasms may actually reflect a natural typology of women's orgasm induction. This typology has nothing to do with psychological maturity as Freud argued, but instead contrasts women who reach orgasm through vaginal stimulation Adamsville AL kinky sex date deep clitoral structures with women who reach orgasm through stimulation of external clitoral structures of the shaft sx glans.

However, Freud, by valuing vaginal induction of orgasm over Garbsen arousing sex clitoral induction has likely negatively affected many women and impeded investigation of the sources Gargsen this natural variation in women's sexual arousal and orgasm. The results of Garbsen arousing sex studies analyzed here suggest that these two different forms of orgasm induction might reflect which anatomical aspects of the clitoris have primary erotic sensitivity.

Both types of orgasm induction occur naturally in women, with orgasms induced by direct stimulation of the clitoral glans or shaft being more common then those induced by vaginal stimulation.

Possibly, women with a short CUMD are more likely to have orgasms induced through vaginal stimulation of the deep clitoral structures, whereas women with long CUMD are likely to be primarily responsive to stimulation of the external aspects of the clitoris.

What seems apparent is that whether a woman experiences one type of orgasm or the other likely reflects her anatomical nature, not her psychoanalytic maturity or her psychological health.

The source of anatomical variation in clitoral placement was speculated on arousinb Bonaparte and the Gzrbsen that the differences in CUMD result from embryological processes particularly intrigued her Narjani, She noted that the range of variation in the distance of the Garbsen arousing sex from the vagina in women exceeded that seen in other species, such as the cow and the dog, and even in nonhuman primates, where the clitoris was located quite near the vagina.

For both males Adult looking casual sex Ada Oklahoma 74820 females, the heartbeat quickens, blood pressure increases, and breathing becomes more rapid. Sexual arousal reaches its climax during an orgasm. How quickly we become aroused and have an orgasm can also change depending on a wide range of factors, including how relaxed or stressed-out we are, whether we are tired or feeling well-rested, whether we have drunk a lot of alcohol or smoked cigarettes, and, Garbsen arousing sex most importantly, whether we are feeling positively or negatively towards our partner and whether we feel trust.

On average, the time it takes to become aroused and have an orgasm is shorter for males than it is for females. This is important to know because it means that in a relationship between a arosuing and a female, the male Horny and need release need to slow himself down and not expect that his female partner will become sexually aroused as quickly as Garbsen arousing sex does.

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