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Looking Sex Married guy seeking fwb relationship

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Married guy seeking fwb relationship

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Where Do U Want To Meet 2night. Looking for girls to hang out with and more. I've had a few I've really enjoyed as well, so I won't rule that out either, if that's what Married guy seeking fwb relationship interested in. I just want to develop that friendship where sharing and exchanging these things is an outlet that you need and that we can both share. Hope to hear from a sweet decent woman very soon.

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I understand the reasons he gave me for staying in the marriage - mainly for his child, but i dont want to list the specific issue here and it is a sacrifice i completely understand.

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It is also not a delusional we don't want to get a divorce but fight all the time nonsense. Mardied realize this part is a little cryptic, but am not comfortable posting the reasons since its not my info to share.

But I do like this guy and could see being friends with him too. I don't really know what my question is other than anyone else have experience with this or similar situations.

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Any pitfalls to look out for, etc. I am also trying to figure out why I'm ok with this, normally I am against this type of thing.

I don't really know who to talk about with this since all my friends are pretty straight laced and not really open to alternative relationships nor do they know I'm kinky. It fwh like a legit situation -- all fairly above board.

I personally still abhor Marridd but figure that if everyone is being honest, then there's no cheating going on. In terms of pitfalls Just like in other sexual situations, look out for Married guy seeking fwb relationship and don't take risks you don't want to take.

You don't mention whether or not you have evidence besides his word that his wife is okay with this arrangement. If you don't, my rslationship would be the possibility that he is actually cheating.

It's certainly not uncommon for men or women to play the "yes, my wife is okay with me dating but she just doesn't want to know Margied it" card to cover cheating. If I Married guy seeking fwb relationship confirmation from her, don't see an issue with the situation, provided the relationship and its natural limitations work well for both of you.

If not able to confirm, I personally would feel ethically obliged to end the relationship if I Marride not obtain such confirmation.

I don't have outside confirmation, and realize it could all be bullshit and he could absolutely be cheating, cheating and have thought about it. At the same time I haven't found him to have lied about anything to me yet.

He was relatively up front with his marriage situation Married guy seeking fwb relationship not in the first message but by maybe message 10, relatiknship a week.

Married guy seeking fwb relationship

Additionally, Based on the info I know about why he is still married I buy it. I don't want to post it online but i would probably do the same thing in the same situation.

Additionally, I feel I have relatively good judgment about people, and situations. I am always looking for ways that the stories I hear don't add up.

Finally, we are also in the same field professionally in the same city, while not a small reltaionship that If this goes bad it will be problematic, but small enough that word does get around when things aren't on the up and up.

I was in a most closed marriage for years.

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When we first split, we continued to live together for 6 or 7 months after. Married made a point with relationshipp new partner of first disclosing that I was separated and Married guy seeking fwb relationship living with my legal wife. But my ex is good people, so she was always available Married guy seeking fwb relationship confirm that we were no longer together, and that I wasn't cheating.

She wouldn't have wanted a friendly chat or anything, but shed confirm that much. In an equivalent situation to yours? I'd want that kind of confirmation personally. Finding a dude on collarme who isn't awful is pretty remarkable.

Hopefully luck will hold? Also I should note that I have gotten messages and chatted with others who have been married before - especially from collar me and I have always felt that something was not right with the conversation.

Then it comes out that there was actual cheating and betrayal going on and stopped talking to them. Usually they've avoided the subject, refusing to answer questions about it getting really defensive about stuff or came up with bs about loving her but needing sex. This time it seems different.

That Married guy seeking fwb relationship generous and kind of her to do that - i hope you reciprocated! I've wondered about it myself and will bring it up again with him. I'm just as shocked as anyone else. I actually met a another friend off of there, who turned out to be a good guy as well.

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I thought that was it. Funnily enough they are both Buddhist.

Married guy seeking fwb relationship I Seeking Sex Contacts

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