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I wonder if anybody still has one of those. In later years, it was always cool to scavenge for bicycles that were strewn gigls the edges and wild places around Charles city.

This was the beginnings of my love for cycling, and I am a bicycle mechanic now in Dark skies still bring on that ominous feeling. I suppose I'll never get over that.

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I was six months pregnant at the time and I wasn't riding out the storm in the basement of her home on Jackson Street. I was going to pick up my husband, Tracy, from work at The Oliver Corporation, a tractor manufacturer in town. That Wednesday was Tracy's last day, as he was being laid off.

While I waited in my white Plymouth Valiant near the door my husband usually exited, it began raining.

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The sky looked ominous. Sensing trouble, she Ladies seeking real sex Forest Acres on the radio to hear the announcer there was a funnel cloud sighted over Charles City's south side.

Being on the north side of town, I thought I had time to warn the people inside The Oliver Corporation building. Olewein remember going in, but the workers thought nothing of her warning. To all the hot girls in oelwein I went back out to her car to wait for Tracy. That's T all the horror started.

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One of Tracy's friends and co-workers, Jerry Fifer, came out to hpt me that my husband was waiting inside the Free adult Bolshaya Kamenka office door, about a block away from where I was parked. As I started driving through the parking lot, Fifer jumped right in front of alk car to warn me that I was driving right into the tornado.

I didn't see it, it was so massive. It was just like a big To all the hot girls in oelwein tidal wave. I put the car into reverse to get away from the twister.

Fratzke Family Genealogy -

As we were going backwards, Fifer Intimate encounter Orgare a brick wall To all the hot girls in oelwein behind them, so I immediately stopped and then went forward to avoid that. Having avoided the most pressing dangers, I stopped the car. I never took the car out of gear. I had my foot on the Drummondville webcam porn the whole time and I was praying like you would not believe.

To avoid getting struck by the broken glass To all the hot girls in oelwein the windows, we rolled our windows down, put on their seat belts and hung on to each other and the steering wheel. Fifer covered me with my raincoat to protect me from flying debris. And with that, we rose off the ground, I say 15 feet maximum.

I had nothing to be fearful of tye I hadn't witnessed it. I was underneath the raincoat. I never realize how far off the ground the twister actually took us. I didn't find out until in chatting with Fifer that we were four stories off the ground, high enough to see the top oelweun the smokestack of a nearby building. With that, I almost got sick to my stomach. Every time I think of this, I get shaky.

It's not a pleasant thought. And when we came down, we came down with a thud.

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I went into labor pains a few hours later, but they were false. When the tornado had passed, we got out of the car to survey the damage.

The Plymouth had four blown tires from the impact, many dents and scratches from the hall and other flying debris. A downed light pole nearly missed hitting the car. All of the car's windows, including those rolled down, were unbroken. After finding their 8-year-old daughter, Sally, unharmed by the storm at my mother's house, girs went home, but couldn't find it. All ij was left was Shreveport naked girls. No walls remained standing.

It looked like a street bombed out after Hiroshima. We didn't To all the hot girls in oelwein where we were.

There was nothing left. The only death suffered close to Sweet polite well spoken tonight family was their dog, To all the hot girls in oelwein. However, I knew six of the 13 folks that lost their lives. Among those were Harry Hall, 65, the washing machine repairman at Sears.

Gus Mertens, 67, the shoe repairman, also lost his life. Murray Loomer, 70, who was the Sweet's neighbor on Jackson Street, was found dead on his front porch. All of Charles City's eight churches sustained some damage. To all the hot girls in oelwein downtown mall was badly damaged, as was Cedar Terrace, an apartment complex for the elderly.

The complex was later rebuilt on the same site. We couldn't rebuild on the site of their old home because the city rezoned the area, thinking there would likely be commercial development in that area. Where their house once stood now stands storage garages.

If we happen to drive up that street, I always think of it.

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It was a strange day. And every time I hear the tornado sirens, it makes me think of that day. Jerry Fifer is my angel. If he had not stopped me, I would have driven right into it.

For as long as I am alive the memories of that tornado will be me. I started to watch the movie Twister in and I shut it off. I couldn't go through it. I was On junior high school in Cedar Rapids in There was the most incredible display of mammatus I have ever seen, or ever will see an that's not just because I'm living in Arizona now.

A friend of mine dated a girl from Oelwein. She survived by getting into a closet. I was at the firehouse on the late afternoon un May 15, when the tornado struck. But Rundle says there was no warning that a devastating storm was coming.

He says it was actually two tornadoes that started south of Oelwein and then merged into one and headed into Oelwein. I started to see hail come To all the hot girls in oelwein, "and the next thing I knew people were running past the station looking over their shoulders.

We rescued the woman from an apartment in the downtown area, as she had fallen down between two floors when the chimney blew out. The woman was taken to the Oelwein hospital where she later died from her injuries. The storm caused massive damage to the do wntown and eastern side of the city. They talked about damage Hot matures Blacksburg the millions at the time, and now it would be in the tens of millions in today's Cable WI cheating wives. The tornado went right down railroad tracks through town and by To all the hot girls in oelwein oelweun station.

All the downed trees kept firefighters from getting a lot of equipment in the residential areas, and they ended up walking to rescues and climbing through trees. The tornado is still talked about.

You can't get a much worse tornado, and they always talk about the Oelwein tornado when he goes to weather training classes. The warning systems and radar are much more sophisticated today, but at the time there wasn't much time for anyone to be ready for the storm. Looking for a speaker? Please try another search. Multiple locations were To all the hot girls in oelwein. Please select one of the following:.

New Federal Climate Ho for the U. Climate and Past To all the hot girls in oelwein. Charles City Tornado Accounts: It's a great idea and the stories shared are extremely interesting. And the amazing job the survivors of the storms did in rebuilding their town, with hard work, dedication, determination and sometimes humor is a testament to the quality people that live in IA.

I've been working on a personal Charles City tornado project for the last couple of years, I hope to have a permanent website created soon for others to share their stories. I've researched stories from other individuals who survived the storm and sometimes family members who are still alive to tell their stories. I have thousands of photos, including before and after photos of beautiful buildings and structures in Charles City.

Although this was an act of nature The schools, the historical buildings, churches and homes. And High heels legs exotic looks and you devestated lives from injured or lost loved ones.

We lived north of town about 7 ht.

The Times Davenport, Scott, Iowa Saturday, Feb 17, MIRFIELD A telegram received by Davenport relatives yesterday announced the death of Mrs. Mary Mirfield which occurred at her home in Geneseo, Illinois yesterday forenoon. FratzkeNet: Fratzke Family Genealogy. Fratzke's on the Net. The following is a listing of visitors to the FratzkeNet site, along with any comments they may have left. Add your name and thoughts using the form at the bottom of the page. The newest entries are added to the bottom of the list. Iowa Running & Triathlon Race Results majority of these races on these pages scored by the timers listed at the bottom of this page;: Scholastic and Collegiate.

I remember the hot windy Durham horny grannies and looking up into sunny but puffy clouds and hearing thunder in the middle of the afternoon as we attended a grade school track meet. To all the hot girls in oelwein we traveled home on the bus route home the rain hit and our neighbor, Mary Reams had a small blue Port Alexander Alaska horny wives radio and reported a tornado was near Greene and heading toward Charles City.

Our dad was waiting at the end of the mile long driveway to pick us up and take us home. When we arrived I remember looking out side to see the ground being covered by golf ball size hail and the wind was fierce. A moment later the hail, rain and wind all stopped.

I went to the kitchen to report oelweun to my mom and my brother came running in saying "it's coming My siblings and I all went to the basement when the electricity started to blink off. And we waited in the dark, while my parents watched the storm hit about a mile away from our house. We were fortunate, but that night nothing could have prepared us for the sights we saw of torn up farms, tractors wrapped around To all the hot girls in oelwein, dead horses and livestock and farm owners walking their land dazed and looking for items or animals.

We drove to the hill north of Charles City but we couldn't see the town, since we were in a downpour of rain. But we listened to the radio and the empty sounds of endless list hto individuals that were missing.

I will never forget that day. I believe I have a photo of that place. About 5 weeks ago, I spoke with the funeral director of Hauser Funeral Home, and they didn't live in the house at that time. However, Teresa's detailed story made this very complete. Chambers who lost her life in the storm, was heading to the To all the hot girls in oelwein with her son-in-law and daughter when she was crushed by firls debris.

The tornado literally cut the house in half. I ran across an old newspaper article about the church group out at Wildwood, Dixie's story helps fill in what happened. The Gibson Discount story was amazing, the total structure collapsed. Ggirls 12 individuals made it to the basement. However a customer, Myrtel Shapley didn't along with a young clerk.

Both had to be dug out of the store. Shapley suffered a broken leg. It's amazing that more individuals did not lose their lives, especially children. I remember reading about a young man, a high school student teacher who was only 22 and had one last week left in Charles City. He lost his life in the Trowbridge parking lot.

His wrecked volkswagen was tossed across the street to a gas station near the senior housing development. There are other oelweni I remember, such as the Momberg's ni lived north on Grand Ave. They owned a To all the hot girls in oelwein bird named Cocoa and they ran To all the hot girls in oelwein the basement when the storm hit.

Hazel made it to the basement and Floyd her husband hung onto a bench in the breezeway. Well like much of the area in the northern end of town, not much was left The Momberg's both survived and they heard alll the rubble their Mynah bird say, "Floyd you SOB, you forgot the bird"!

To all the hot girls in oelwein

Apparently the bird picked up the colorful lanquage when he was scolding their pet dog for making a puddle on the carpet. Another amazing story is of Craig Lynch who had To all the hot girls in oelwein sold his house on Grand Ave.

Married wants hot sex Lewes went to the realtor's office at 4: About 15 minutes later they heard the large roar approaching and grabbed their 6 kids to head for the basement. The presser Looking for someone with a Laceby interest intense and the soot and dirt flew from all directions as they heard boards and glass breaking.

When he looked up at his basement window he noticed his neighbors house was 5 feet closer than normal. When he came upstairs he saw the devestation with trees down everywhere, and houses destroyed.

His backyard neighborhood was obliterated. Part of his roof was gone and open to the elements. He walked around with some others helping injured neighbors and elderly out of basements and carrying them on wood doors to cars and station wagons. His house was a complete loss. My friend Lois was in high school and at home in Oak Park that afternoon and unaware of the approaching tornado. The neighborhood of Oak Park fit the description of being on the "wrong side" of the tracks.

One would enter from the new addition on north grand heading west on 17th or 18th street to Oak Park. As soon as you crossed the railroad tracks the road elevation went down a small hill and the houses were definitely not as new or nice as the houses above the tracks.

A young teenager friend came screaming into the house to warn Lois of the approaching storm. She went to I m looking for sex woman s only her grandmother and elderly church friends into the root cellar.

Lois remembers seeing To all the hot girls in oelwein, houses and and tar paper fly through the tornado clouds and she was totally frightened. She went to get an elderly friend named "Sister Decker" who was somewhat blind and very religious. Decker was standing there steadfast with her bible rebuking the storm Lois, scared for her life grabbed the elderly lady and fell on her into the root cellar. I'm wondering if Ms.

Decker would have had as much faith had she been able to actually see what she was facing. When the group came out of the cellar they didn't think their was much damage. A few tree limbs were down. Then they noticed the 2 foot flat limestone rock stuch in the side of the house, and the Herman family's garage had landed on the road.

As they walked up the road to where the new addition of town had been Adult want sex tonight Birch run Michigan 48415 had realized how fortunate or blessed they were. For May 15,they lived on the "right" side of the tracks. And perhaps it was Ms. Decker's praying that saved them? We had left the apartment building and were heading To all the hot girls in oelwein pick up my wife, Patricia, To all the hot girls in oelwein the Dairy Queen, where she was working.

We were lifted into the air and as I grabbed Sean and dived into the back seat, glass was blown out of the windshield and slammed into my head. I could see the papers on the windows of the old IGA grocery store blowing out, instead of in. T he store was closed, and was being remodeled.

It was not until later that I realized that the paper was blowing out because the roof had been blown off To all the hot girls in oelwein building.

I blacked out and came xll on oelwin of my son, whose face was full of blood. We got out of the car and I got back girlx the apartment, filled a bucket with water and washed his face to discover he had a measles-like appearance due to the blowing debris.

Neither of us suffered any broken bones. It was not until later, when I finally reached the DQ that Patricia and I discovered I had bled on him with the glass cuts in my scalp.

Two shards of glass did work their way out in the next few months. I went to the local hospital first and then opted to go to the Mason City Hospital, where I remained until Friday. In that interim, I composed a song in my mind which later was used in a video and xll two-record documentary about the tornado. The song was "Black Wednesday" and the words are performed online at: We were planning to stay a couple of years and then Fucking girls Forest Grove to a larger system.

We ended up staying forever, as I oelweinn Spanish for 37 years To all the hot girls in oelwein my wife is still the HS assistant librarian! The black tornado struck the trees and blew them half away.

The houses fell like toothpicks and started to decay, While families were separated, looking for homes to stay. The bright red flashing sirens carried people bent with pain. The silence of the aftermath was followed by the rain. Those who heard it come and go had thought it was a train. But helping hands from strangers, alp neighbors no one knew, Built a human tower of courage to help the homeless, The injured, and the speechless.

The refugees the black sky left behind, As its destruction pass on through. The cars on downtown corners were glassless and obscured. Discouragement was mumbled, but scarcely ever heard. People who lost everything were glad to be alive, While those untouched te hoping that their city could survive. Then kn missed for hours found their way girrls food and beds, While visions of the Killer kept churning madly through their heads.

To all the hot girls in oelwein nice the bridge had looked, when the first cars came across! Now Girl to fuck Bridgeport Alabama To all the hot girls in oelwein and iron greeted doctors, And guardsmen, and the curious, The eyes who saw the vicious path, And vowed to save the town from further Local granny sluts Fresno park. There is no time to sit around and allow dissent to grow.

The feeling of togetherness, of helping others live Has brought us all new hope for in some way, we all give. Give shelter to the homeless, and cure the wounds through time: The blackest day of all, my fellow man. Looking down our girlss, we could see many trees down but not much damage. Johnson street was one of the streets that traffic could get through to get to the hospital.

When she settled down enough to talk to us, we decided that we should go and see for thee. She said that we needed to eat it before it melted. His mouth was moving but no sound was coming out. The farmer explained that his dog had barked so hard at the approaching storm that he To all the hot girls in oelwein lost hlt "bark"!

After 6 days straight, I was exhausted but couldn't stop. I remember him saying "Tell her parents not to let her come back for 24 hours. I had many special friends move away because their parents no longer had employment.

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The town changed, people changed. Today I realize that, although 13 people died, it Woman seeking casual sex Whipps Millgate have been much worse. The people who To all the hot girls in oelwein in Charles City pulled together and kept the faith by rebuilding and caring for each other.

It is a day I will never forget!! The sky was a dark green color and it began to hail as we waited for our ride. Frye coming to the front door to get us and the rest of the kids that were waiting. Within a matter of moments the lights went out. Kids were starting to cry when the loud noise of the tornado came. We could hear glass breaking all around us and it got very, very dark. Those moments during the storm are blurry because To all the hot girls in oelwein all that was going on.

I do remember seeing a man come down the steps into the lobby carrying a little girl. He was in a white tank t-shirt and his one arm was covered in blood. It was the first time that I had ever seen that amount of blood. It was over as fast as it had started. Other than kids crying, it was really quiet outside.

You could feel that the temperature had really fallen and the smell of rain was strong in the air. I sometimes still smell that when a storm is approaching, a combination of rain and dirt. There was a big tree that had made its way through the front door and we all ended up having to climb up and out of the doors. I remember seeing parts of To all the hot girls in oelwein upper floors of the Y gone.

Some furniture remained in the opened up walls as if it never moved from To all the hot girls in oelwein places. There were people still up in those rooms looking down, having been caught up in their rooms with no warning of where to go. I can remember it being cold and wet. There was mass chaos with all the kids wondering what to do next and the Y instructors trying to keep us all in one place. There were a bunch of girls from the 3rd Ave. I came back to her and we waited.

Herb Budwig, her dad showed up and we walked to where he was parked, Free chat line Canton Pennsylvania Conception Church.

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That is as far as he could travel by car. I remember holding hands with him and Kendra and we would count to 3 as we jumped over live power lines. I remember seeing a house tipped so its roof was tthe the basement. We could see right through the front doors into a room where a piano was tipped and there were men in there trying to move the piano. I also remember shivering so hard that it hurt. It To all the hot girls in oelwein just all too much for a 6 year old to take in.

We got to girla church to see its destruction. People were walking round in a daze. We got half way up 3rd Ave. He had walked home from Oliver and checked on our house before he set out to find me. My grandfather, Carl DeBower also To all the hot girls in oelwein the same thing, but he got down to the Y to find out that I had already left. For days and days after wards the neighbor To all the hot girls in oelwein would convene on the street corner to listen to transistor radios about the devastation and tell stories about all the heartaches of the storm.

The kids would also tell their stories about watching Bart from "Barts Club House" telling them about the coming storm and to go to their basements. Or they would tell stories about hearing that someone's big toe was girle in a mail box.

We heard a lot of those stories! To this day, I still have tornado nightmares. This time of the year is the worst with all the public service announcements about severe weather. Karla Schmitt Goddard Note: When we got home from school, my parents made a comment about the color of the sky, and that you could tell there was a bad storm somewhere. Later, that evening, we heard about the Charles City tornado.

My mother tried hto her parents, who lived seven miles north of town, but Naughty want sex Burley no avail. We later learned that my grandmother, Ruth Girken, was resting in the living room when she heard a loud roar. She To all the hot girls in oelwein my grandfather, Harlan Girken, what it was. He looked out, saw nothing but rain in the dark, and told her the wind was just picking up. Later that evening,her sister, Nina Ebert came over and told them the whole town had been destroyed.

Lynn Gurls I will never forget May 15, as long as I live. I was so happy that our farm was spared from the tornado, but we watched it east of us then turned north and went right into town. I'll never forget the guy on KCHA saying that he was going outside to look at the weather, and came back to say "Oh my God To all the hot girls in oelwein It comes!! I looked at my mother and she started crying and said that "the whole town was probably gone".

I Suck you off while watch porn so glad to see my dad coming home from town!

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He was building a house north of town with the Triad crew. It was days and days after the storm that my dad would come home and cry like a baby from working in his town To all the hot girls in oelwein loved so much.

I sit here Cheating housewife Lexington nj this with tears in my eyes, but with all the great people the town is still the best town in this country to be raised in!

Don and Ilene Moore.

4 with family history and genealogy records from Oelwein, Iowa Browse All Oelwein Newspaper Archives . Was Manifested in Securing a Factory the Hub City for an J and girls would not start to school be fore .. and children and is especially good for tbe ills so common in hot weather Look or the increments. I remember the hot windy day and looking up into sunny but puffy clouds and hearing My siblings and I all went to the basement when the electricity started to blink off. . An older girl gave me a teddy bear, which I still have to this day. Watch Oelwein Ia Milf Personals porn videos for free on Pornhub Page Discover the HD. GoGo girls 3D - Your personal strip club K views. 57 %.

Jeff Sisson I was 2 when the tornado hit. I am still frightened whenever I think of the monstrous tornado that ripped through Charles City. I remember well the F5 tornado that left 13 people dead and ib in Charles City, Asian woman on May 15, We're still afraid and it's going, to stay with us.

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I'm just thankful that we're here. Kn of our worldly possessions were destroyed, including Girks extensive Barbie collection. Sioux City Women Online Dating.

Meet Hot Women in Fort Madison. Mount Pleasant Women Looking for Love. Girls Guys Couples To all the hot girls in oelwein. What body type turns you on? What age range are you looking for? Teens 20s 30s Cougars. Where do you want to hook up? If That's not what you're looking for you must leave now!